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Why bring Self Defense into the Workplace?

You never know what can happen. It is important to arm your employees with the necessary skill sets they may need to defend themselves in certain situations.

Providing your employees with a self defense class is one of the most important and beneficial things you can do as an employer, to ensure they are ready to defend themselves and others if a situation arises. Self defense classes can give employees the skills they need to save their life, and are also just FUN!

Beyond learning the specific skills it takes to get out of an unwanted situation, taking a class will also benefit your employees mind and body in many other ways.

It can make employees more confident

A self defense class will leave your employees feeling strong, powerful, and unstoppable. When they have the skills to protect themselves at all times, confidence in themself will increase dramatically! An increase in self confidence will not only benefit them mentally, but it will help them to hold themself in a different way that will be obvious to their friends, family, and co workers!

Employees will be more aware of their surroundings

This is not to say that they will be constantly looking over their shoulder, they will just have the knowledge to assess and understand different situations and the world around them. This awareness can lead to them knowing when they may be in potential danger, which will inturn allow them to get out of a potential confrontation.

Self discipline will increase

Empowering your employees with the control of their own body and ability to learn a new skill, will teach them self discipline. During a class they will have to focus their mind on taking in as much information as they can, and they will discipline themselves to be ready to react at all times.

Teaches self respect

Along with the increase in self confidence, your employees self respect will increase as well. Self defense is centered around trust and respect. When your employees learn to respect those around them and trust in the people they are training with, they will then learn to better respect themself.

It will have a positive influence on their life

There are many specific benefits to taking a self defense class, but overall, it will have a positive impact on your employees life. With all these added benefits and having the skills to protect themselves, taking a self defense class can be one of the best choices you have made to improve your workplace.

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