4 Ways to Encourage Coworkers to Work Out Together

Get your employees to not only engage in your wellness programs, but participate directly with each other.

Corporate wellness programs are not only beneficial for workplace health, they provide opportunities to strengthen culture, relationships and overall engagement. One of the greatest pieces of feedback we’ve received from clients, aside from variety and flexibility, is the ability for groups to work out with each other in settings outside of the workplace. Doing this facilitates a sense of connection and camaraderie amongst team members. The Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion commented on the importance of this very thing, “The compelling power of camaraderie is certainly not a novel concept, but perhaps it has nevertheless been undervalued or underemphasized in the promotion of physical activity. It seems like the business community is beginning to incorporate the idea into workplace wellness programs, and social gatherings like running clubs have certainly flourished…”

So, how do you get your employees to not only engage in your wellness program, but participate directly with their coworkers? Consider the following strategies for encouraging team workout opportunities:

Make it competitive

Many people like a good competition. Incorporate fun challenges that require the involvement of teams or departments in competition against other teams and departments. From ‘get fit’ challenges and team sports to steps/miles/minutes walked, you can create company-wide opportunities to get involved. Be sure to get your managers involved and engaged, as they can be a great resource in persuading and inspiring participation amongst their teams. Offer incentives and prizes that people value for fun rewards that will motivate active participation from more individuals.

Provide swag

We’ve all been there: perusing conference exhibit halls, picking up free items from vendors giving out pens, koozies, magnets, water bottles, you name it. We all like gifts and free things, which is why corporate swag is so popular. Your employees are no different, and if you attach fun swag to corporate wellness events, you’ll be amazed at what kind of motivator that can be. Consider workout gear like sweatbands, water bottles, or towels, as well as corporate-branded t-shirts that are earned based on participation. In addition to getting fun new stuff, you’re building a greater culture of engagement attached to the company’s brand.

Sponsor community events

Each city has plenty of exercise-related events that businesses can sponsor or be a part of. Leverage these opportunities — not only be a marketing strategy — but to get your employees more involved in the event itself. Races, walk-a-thons, biking events, etc. are all excellent ways to get teams motivated to train and participate together as a group. Incentivize employees by offering discounts for the event or, like stated above, provide event-specific swag that incorporate the company brand.

Work it into the workday

When you think about how much time an average person spends at work, spending even more time working out with coworkers — no matter how well you like each other — can feel like a sacrifice of personal time. Consider incorporating dedicated time throughout the week during the workday for exercise, either with on-site activities or off-site classes. Providing the option to workout during work hours could help inspire teams to use that time for teambuilding.

Any opportunity to strengthen your employees personally and professionally is going to result in success for your company. Click here to learn more about how ClassPass offers the flexibility and freedom of choice for corporate wellness that has inspired of employees in companies across the globe to get active.

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