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Let's get your team on their way to wellbeing.

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Are you a FitPros Vendor? Check out these reasons why you want to be!

By: Nic Faurot & Taylor Moss

Who is FitPros?

Fitpros is a turn-key health and fitness company that brings wellness directly to the workplace through fully customizable wellness events. We aim to make wellness accessible where people spend the most time - at work! With over 25+ wellness offerings, it is our mission to promote holistic wellness in the most accessible way possible for employees.

FitPros Wellness Fairs and why we need you!

Our FitPros Corporate Wellness Fairs are designed to connect people with local healthy resources. This health and fitness style party invites a variety of vendors to come and educate employees on their products and services. FitPros promises our clients to educate and expose their employees to wellness resources that are easily accessible and demographically relevant. This is where our amazing vendors come in, so if you aren’t one already….keep reading!

FitPros invites local and national businesses who promote health and fitness to our Wellness Fairs to participate as a vendor. We want our vendors to freely table and promote their products and services to respective employees, educating them on value and impact. Regardless of size or service, FitPros encourages all types of Wellness businesses to take part in our events. Unlike sporting events where people grab swag and run, the workplace is where you have the opportunity to talk about your product and/or services’ benefits while employees actively engage with your brand. FitPros Wellness Fairs not only help increase brand exposure, but we give you a focus group on a platter whom can provide valuable in-person feedback.

Why should your business take part?

FitPros Corporate Wellness Fairs are an effective way to reach a captive audience. As a vendor you get to grow your brand awareness and your contact list quickly, and did we mention... it’s always FREE to attend! We never charge vendors to participate in our Wellness Fairs because it is always our goal connect employees to accessible wellness resources and encourage them to take advantage of all that they offer. Our fairs are designed from the ground up and structured in a way that encourages employees to engage with each and every vendor. Additionally, by utilizing our social media platforms, we help employees stay connected to you through photo tags and Instagram takeovers throughout our events! Lastly, after the Wellness Fair, we are happy to pass on your sales contact details, share any deals you wish to extend and cross-promote you in our newsletter that is shared with 2000+ HR leads, Brokers and Property Managers.

What makes our health fair different!

This is not your typical health fair! We aspire to make our corporate fairs engaging and interactive so that lasting impressions can be made. We ask that each vendor engage in a fun activity relevant to their product/service and be prepared to have one on one conversations with potential clients. To encourage employees to stop by every table, we design a Wellness Passport Game that rewards participants at the end with raffle prizes – with your brand name on it! At the start of the Wellness Fair employees are handed a Passport and as the circulate they collect stamps from each vendor. After completing their Passport, they are entered to win a high-value prize. When we say high value…cough cough $500… we mean it! More importantly, these prizes come from you! This assures that the prizes are not just Chapstick or candy that no one wants, but gifts that actually motivate the employees to participate while simultaneously promoting your brand. Lastly, we provide our Wellness Fair clients with the opportunity to add on unique, highly engaging activities that boost social wellness and employee morale such as: live DJs, caricature artists, catered lunch, photo booth and more!

More ways to get involved with Fitpros

In addition to Wellness Fairs, FitPros organizes a variety of holistic wellness programs including health talks, fitness classes, massages, cooking classes, improvisation and much more for corporate companies! We are constantly brainstorming ideas on how to increase employee participation; but naturally employees love receiving prizes. As a preferred vendor, you have the option to donate products and/or services to employees to reward them for engaging in their company’s wellness programs!

If you share our vision in helping people reach their highest health potential we would love to connect with you and learn what you can bring to our FitPros team!

Are you ready to become more involved in workplace wellness and want FitPros to help get your name out there?! Visit for more information, connect with us at and follow us on Instagram @fit_pros_on_location.

Are you a certified health, fitness and wellness professional? We are always hiring new fitness instructors, health talk speakers, nutritionists, finance specialists, chiropractors, massage therapists, etc. to lead our onsite corporate events. If you are interested, we would love to meet you! Please apply HERE.


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