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4 Pillars of a Fulfilling Financial Life

Achieve your financial goals with these four financial principles.

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Written by Ifeoluwa Adegoke, FitPro Wellbeing Speaker

What does a fulfilling financial life mean to you?

I ask this question because I understand that we are all unique in our own ways and what we want from life is rarely the same. We all have different experiences, passions, goals, and aspirations in life, which often design the mental picture of what we want our life to be. So, what does your picture of a fulfilling financial life look like? Whatever that picture looks like, I will be sharing 4 pillars that can help you achieve it- your fulfilling financial life. 

1 - Spend on the things that matter to you

I know you’ve probably heard many financial gurus say it is the coffee you buy every day that is stopping you from becoming wealthy, or that it is by saving every penny that you will ultimately become financially free. Well, I hold a different point of view than that. I believe that it is possible to enjoy your financial life now while you make intentional decisions for your financial future. It doesn’t have to be one or the other; you can have both. What you need is to find the balance between spending on what matters to you now and making intentional decisions for your financial future. For example, I love to travel and when I plan a luxury trip, I always ensure I invest the same amount the trip is going to cost me into my portfolio. This works for me and helps me enjoy my money without guilt or regret. 

2 - Eliminate the pressure to keep up with trends

In the world of social media where people often show the highlights of their lives, it is easy to fall into the trap of trying to keep up with every trend. It takes discipline to eliminate this self-induced pressure and stay focused on the financial goals that are dear to your heart. Sometimes I catch myself thinking about getting a purse or shoes just because it looked good on someone I saw on my feed. I always check myself with these questions: Do I really need this? What will I be giving up for this purchase now? These questions often help me to snap out of it. 

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3 - Be conscious of the abundance in the universe

You should know this, there is no scarcity of resources on earth, only unequal distribution of it. There is so much wealth, more than enough and you can get your own bit of it. Being conscious of abundance will help you see and attract opportunities when most people are focused on all that is not working, and all that is never enough. This shift in perspective will help you on the journey to your fulfilling financial life.

4 - Always push yourself to do better

Always do better with your finances. For example, if you are able to only invest $100 per month now, aim to increase it to $150, then $200 etc. Where there is no growth, there is stagnation. You can start your intentional journey from where you are, but always push for more. 

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