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Healthy Tips for 2021

By Suzy Lewis

Certified Health Coach

A new year like none other, we all need a refreshing change in 2021 after the longest year ever! Health is in the forefront of all of our minds as we reflect on the lessons from the pandemic. A new vaccine, a new president, or more stimulus money is not going to change the course of our health, only we can do that for ourselves. And guess what? You are the only one who will do that for you, well, maybe your mom.

We are going to focus on ways to take control of your health through the food that you EAT, the ways that you MOVE, and the thoughts that you THINK! This year let’s be…

Intentional instead of reactive Empowered instead of dependent AND Fueled by Superfoods instead of sticky ones

What if we make your home into a health club, and your kitchen a pharmacy? Here are some ways to pre-load your immune system, kind of like making your own immunity pill. The first way is through food!

I believe that nutrition is a path to nourish our body and soul. Food is medicine and these are some of the top health promoting foods that you can get into your diet easily EVERYDAY! If you see something on the list that isn’t a favorite just remember that we can change our taste buds to like a new food by introducing it several times. This works for kids too, our gut brain likes these foods, and it has more willpower than our head brain, so have faith and keep on trying.

Citrus Fruits – They bring a burst of immune boosting vitamin C, magnesium and flavor to your life! Red Bell Peppers – Rich in beta-carotene and help to prevent damage to the retina of your eyes. Crucifers – Think crunch like broccoli, cauliflower, kale, Brussel sprouts, and cabbage, your secret weapon that can neutralize carcinogens and hunt cancer cells. Ginger – A natural remedy for digestive distress, especially useful for nausea during pregnancy. Try adding it to hot water with lemon for a flavorful and soothing tea. Spinach – Popeye, need I say more? Think iron, calcium and so mild and easy to add to almost anything. Blueberries – The brain and bone berry, rich in essential nutrients like manganese and a great addition to smoothies. Green Tea – proven to be beneficial for brain health, heart health and decreasing some types of cancer. Eggs, shellfish, and nuts – all rich sources of zinc which is important for proper immune function.

Americans are cooking more than ever at home, and 44% have learned a new recipe and 32% have attended an online cooking class throughout the pandemic. The kitchen can be a source of joy, creativity, gratitude, and a gateway to abundance health. One way to combine many of these superfoods is to make a smoothie, here’s a simple recipe to try…

The Sipping Solution

10 oz unsweetened plant milk 10 oz water 1 Tbsp natural almond butter 1 C spinach/ kale mix ½ C frozen blueberries Plant protein powder 1 tsp fresh ginger ¼ small lemon

Blend and sip throughout the morning for a gut balancing, immune boosting smoothie!

I’m not going to harp on the fact that you need exercise, but you do need to get at least 20 minutes most days of activity to help your body make its own medicine tailored to your specific needs. A really fast workout that is also effective is the HIIT system of exercise. It stimulates fat burning and doesn’t take a lot of time. Find your favorite studio and I bet they have a website with some at home workouts that will make you sweat, and it gives you such a mood boost!

How about supporting your mental health in 2021? Worry and stress weaken the immune system. Stress causes businesses $300 Billion in lost productivity and medical costs each year and is a contributor to 60% of all disease. Start by looking at areas of unresolved stress in your life. Just the process of identifying a stressor can begin the process of dealing with it. First, make a list of the things that you are tolerating, you know those roadblocks in your mind that are sucking your energy. Next, sort them into three categories; your action list, your delegation list that someone can deal with, and the list that there isn’t really anything to do but it helps to just get it out so that it frees up mental space. If you want to dig deeper into this area, reach out to do the pinpointed stress assessment that also tells you where stress is affecting your health markers.

What if you really do decide to draw a line in the sand this year and 2021 becomes a pivotal time where you changed the course of your health through your habits? Ponder these facts and make a plan to implement the ones that resonate with you. Being intentional in this way is empowering and will make you less reactive. By harnessing the power of our own body through lifestyle, nutrition, and stress management, you can get the upper hand and make huge lasting changes that will affect you FOREVER!

You can do this and I’ve got your back! Visit me at to get fun recipes and more tips to move your health forward.

Cheers to a healthy 2021 my friends! Suzy

To learn more about Suzy Lewis, visit Shine Health.

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