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How Companies Can Support Employees during Layoffs

In 2022, 1,024 tech companies laid off a total of 154,336 employees. Just one month into 2023 and more than 88,000 employees from the global technology sector alone are out of a job according to With that number only expected to grow, what does that mean for the remaining employees within these organizations?

The lingering fear of layoffs is affecting everyone's mental health and negatively impacting company culture nationwide. Fear is not an effective motivator and thanks to research completed post-layoff, we know that these companies can expect to see a 41% decrease in job satisfaction, a 36% decrease in employee-company commitment, and a 20% decrease in overall job performance. Those are some high numbers, especially for an organization hoping to heal its wounds and get back on its feet.

What can employers do to combat those statistics and ensure a positive future for both their organization and valued employees?

In recent years, wellness programs have become a standard practice for companies across the nation. Not just because it's a trend, but because they actually work.

  1. 70% of employees who participated in their company wellness program reported higher job satisfaction than those who did not.

  2. Over 90% of employers say they saw increased productivity levels after including wellness programming in their day-to-day office practices.

  3. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce found that 60% of organizations saw decreased spending on healthcare costs after establishing internal workplace wellness programs.

  4. 77% of employees say that newly adapted workplace wellness programs have positively impacted their company's culture.

Wellness programs provided by providers like FitPros assist in rebuilding and transforming organizations post-layoff by caring for the remaining employees and ensuring they have the tools needed to remain successful within their job responsibilities as well as outside of the workplace. Burnout is a downward spiral and the best way to avoid the negative effects of burnout is to prevent it. Arm your employees today!

Here are some wellbeing Health Talk sessions aimed at adding or reintroducing wellbeing culture in the workplace:

Networking Strategies

"it's not about what you know, it's about who you know."This talk will provide you with important resources to further your career by discussing different networking strategies and how to execute them in real life. From gaining traction on social media on social media outlets like LinkedIn to creating an effective and captivating pitch that sells yourself to potential employers; this talk will instill the confidence you need to take conflict and turn it into accomplishment!

Inhibiting a Positive Mindset and Creating Achievable Goals

Manifesting dreams into reality means more than blindly hoping for the best. Positive thoughts aren't enough to reach our goals, but they do help. In this health talk session, participants will learn how to retrain their brains to stop unhealthy patterns of self-sabotage, establish a clear goal, and develop new habits that create consistent action. Attend this session if you want to adjust your feelings, beliefs, and attitudes toward the choices and decisions that lead you to your goals. With a go-getter mindset and persistent habits, your dreams have no limits.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Survivor Guilt

Ever felt like a phony in your professional role? Like, no matter your success, you're still not up to snuff? Did this feeling get exacerbated after co-workers were recently laid off but you remained with the company? That’s because, at some point, we all feel like imposters. Fighting this self-doubt leads to burnout, anxiety, and depression. In this health talk session, we normalize Imposter Syndrome and find ways to boost confidence, even when we're not feeling it. You'll learn how to step into your power, and realize that your success is not by chance, but a result of your skills, dedication, and hard work.

Job Burnout Symptoms, Prevention, and Recovery

There’s a big difference between feeling some pressure at work and experiencing burnout. When we're feeling job burnout, our physical and emotional health are pushed beyond its limits, making us more vulnerable to aches and pains, fatigue, depression, and poor work performance. In this health talk session, attendees will learn to identify signs of burnout, how to address these symptoms, and how to recover from this common work pitfall. Most importantly, attendees will discuss ways to prevent burnout and how to foster a healthier work-life balance and wellbeing mindset

Conflict Management

Difficult moments are inevitable. How we handle these moments determines whether they become bad memories or important life lessons. In this health talk session, attendees will learn about conflict management and how to handle tough situations among peers, paying special attention to what triggers disagreements and misunderstandings. Participants will also explore how developing emotional intelligence can help them become more aware of their feelings and others, which can lead to effective conflict management, a stronger bond between colleagues, and a calmer work environment.

Leadership Qualities for Workplace Success

Donald H. Mcgannon once said, “Leadership is action, not position.” Our interpretation of this piece of wisdom is that being a good leader means you inspire your colleagues to reach a common goal and support them so they can reach their full potential. In this health talk session, participants will develop skills needed for leadership or management roles. Attendees will explore the lesser-known parts of leadership like transparency, embodied leadership, how to eliminate perceived threats, and helping relationships.

Whether your organization has recently gone through layoffs, are preparing for layoffs, or are simply looking to put your people’s mind at ease - schedule a call with our Wellbeing Team to learn more about how we can help.

Written By Brianna Frassica, Sales Manager at FitPros Follow Brianna on LinkedIn

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