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Practicing Gratitude in the Workplace

Gratitude is the feeling of appreciating something that is meaningful or valuable to us – whether it’s a material gift or an employee’s hard work. According to Positive Psychology, expressing and feeling gratitude positively influences your mental and physical wellbeing.

Practicing gratitude daily can help you shift your mindset from focusing on the negatives to seeing the positives more clearly. In turn, this shift helps you feel happier, more resilient, creative, and productive. Imagine how much you could get done at work if you and your colleagues felt that way daily. Many of us are used to expressing gratitude to our loved ones, but we could all put a bit more effort into expressing it at work too. One study found that 60% of American workers never express gratitude at work or do so maybe once a year!

Here are some simple tips for cultivating more gratitude at work but also in life:

/ Keep a gratitude journal: One study showed that after ten weeks of writing

what they were grateful for, participants were more optimistic, exercised

more, and felt better about their lives than those who wrote about their


/ Let coworkers know what you appreciate about them: Although showing

gratitude can feel like a vulnerable feat, this openness and willingness to

acknowledge someone else’s efforts leads to stronger relationships.

/ Send thank you cards: If someone has sent you a gift or done something

particularly nice for you, a hand-written thank you note can go a long way in

making someone feel appreciated.

/ When feeling stressed, pause, take a breath, and express something

you’re grateful for. This shift in perspective gives your brain a welcomed


/ Don’t forget about the boss! Being a manager is often a thankless job;

however, if yours has done something helpful for you, it’s a great idea to

thank them or show appreciation for their guidance.

Start Practicing Gratitude with some of our signature sessions below!

Attitude of Gratitude Book It > Expressing appreciation is polite and usually done out of habit, but did you know that deliberately giving thanks has observable health benefits? For starters, gratitude can increase one’s energy, optimism, and empathy. Practicing gratitude has also been shown to help reduce blood pressure, improve sleep, and promote life satisfaction. In this health talk session, you will study how to proactively cultivate gratitude. Subsequently, you'll learn to apply your newfound attitude of gratitude to increase personal and workplace wellbeing, happiness, and productivity. Gratitude Meditation

Many Buddhist monks start their day with gratitude meditation, focusing on how their blessings and challenges have enriched their lives. In this meditation session, an instructor will guide you through the practice of gratitude and how to give back positive energy into the universe. Gratitude meditation helps us focus on the good while acknowledging the not-so-good, cultivating a positive, resilient mindset. You'll walk away with an improved sense of self, wellbeing, and clarity.

Looking for something different? Contact us to see how we can customize your health talk or activity.

Written by FitPros Speaker, Adeola Mead. Adeola is a Naturopathic Physician with 15 years of clinical experience who provides integrative wellness programs to help improve physical and mental/emotional resilience. Book a session with Adeola now!


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