PRESS RELEASE: FitPros Launches Remote Worker Care Packages Amid Nationwide Hardship

On-site Wellness Company Innovates to Meet Changing Corporate Needs Wednesday,

March 25, 2020 9:00am PDT

San Francisco, CA: ​As U.S. employees transition to a remote workforce in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, maintaining company culture and engagement is critical now more than ever. To help support this transition, FitPros today introduced Remote Worker Care Packages, delivered directly to employee's doorsteps and bring wellness resources into the home to keep employees healthy, happy, and productive.

Designed to promote holistic health and community engagement in this time of uncertainty and social distancing, each shipment includes tools and resources needed for teams to stay engaged in their work and connected to their colleagues.

“What corporate cultures are really struggling with right now, is the sudden absence of the micro-social, face time interactions that we’re all used to having in the hallways, in the cafeteria at lunch, and the happy hours at the end of the day. The aggregate of these small interactions is the foundation of a company’s culture, where employees bond and develop social empathy. That’s what creates a cohesive team environment,” said FitPros Founder and CEO, Lindsay Johnson.

Johnson continued, “We listened to our customers and quickly identified a way to continue these pivotal social interactions, by curating a series of offline activities paired with virtual show and tells, online fitness classes and educational talks, we’re giving teams a way to continue having shared experiences, to feel engaged in the company culture, and to continue being invested in each other’s lives, despite now all being remote.”

The company leveraged it’s 5 wellness pillars when designing the care package experiences, ensuring that physical fitness, social engagement, emotional health, financial fitness, and professional development were all addressed within the included activities and online virtual sessions.

HR leaders now have a resource to continue supporting their remote teams during these challenging times, and employees have something to look forward to, something tangible to receive at home to help ease the stress of isolation, so they can continue being happy and productive.

FitPros’ Remote Worker Care Packages are available now at and include a variety of custom branding options.

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