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Let's get your team on their way to wellbeing.

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Wellness Isn't One Size Fits All

A complimentary webinar for HR Leaders

On September 30, 2020 at 12pm PT join five leading employee wellbeing companies to learn about trends, what top employers are doing to support their staff, and new ideas on what you can do to ensure your employees are happy and healthy.

Health and wellbeing isn't one size fits all and your workforce has unique and diverse needs and interests. Companies and People teams are often faced with the challenge of allocating limited budgets on equitable programs that are accessible to all.

How do you make sure you’re creating an inclusive program that takes everyone’s varying life circumstance into account?

Read about the panelists and the company they represent...

JOON ( is on a mission to maximize the physical, mental, and financial health of the ever-changing workforce.

JOON makes it easy for employers to design a flexible wellbeing program that meets the diverse needs of their team. Employees get the freedom to choose wellness and lifestyle options that are meaningful to them while JOON automates the reimbursement process and eliminates any of the administration burden.

With JOON, wellbeing categories like fitness, food, mindfulness, women's health, family care, education, donations, and student loan repayment can all be covered under one roof.

Jon is a social entrepreneur that has been working at the intersection of health, wellbeing, and technology over the past decade. Jon is the Co-founder and President of JOON, a flexible and individualized employee benefits platform.

He’s passionate about the future of work, building businesses that help people lead happier and healthier lives, and creating greater access and affordability to wellbeing. Previous to JOON, Jon worked with a variety of purpose-driven companies and health food brands.

JOON’s platform was built on the principles of behavioral science. Jon and his co-founder, Sebastian, have worked with the behavioral economist Dan Ariely and his team at Duke to integrate research that helps people align their intentions with their behavior into their product experience.

Jon also enjoys cooking, spending time in nature, practicing yoga and cycling.

Impact Compliance Training (ICT) and Workplace Training Network (WTN) provides online and in-person compliance training. ICT/WTN specializes in:

  • Harassment prevention

  • Employment Law

  • Code of conduct

  • Diversity

Our training helps organizations foster a more respectful and inclusive company culture while also meeting California, Illinois, and New York state mandates. To enhance the learning process, we've created engaging, interactive courses that stimulate learning through impactful real-world scenarios.

We help employees understand what improper conduct looks like, how they can prevent it, and who to tell if it happens.

We know how difficult it can be to train employees that aren't sitting in front of a desk. Our courses can be provided to Employees that don't have Computer or Email Access.

Kit Goldman, President & Founder. Workplace Training Network, Inc., issues in the workplace. Goldman is a nationally acclaimed trainer, facilitator, subject matter expert on human and legal issues in the workplace, and professional actor. The unique “edutainment” methodology she created harnesses the power of entertainment to enlighten and educate on dozens of workplace topics, and achieves unsurpassed levels of engagement and retention.

Over the past 26 years, her courses have engaged hundreds of thousands of executives, managers, and employees in a vast array of industries. She has appeared frequently as workplace experts in the media. Goldman collaborates with leading CA health care attorneys on programs for the healthcare workplace including Violence Prevention, Physician Well Being, Cultural Competency, Disruptive Behavior, Intervention and Peer Review.

Goldman is an innovative educator and multi-faceted entertainment industry professional. She has received dozens of awards for professional accomplishment and community service. She is a cum laude graduate of San Diego State University with a major in Education and minors in Psychology and Linguistics, a prolific and accomplished theatre producer, writer, director, actress, journalist, essayist, speechwriter and consumer arbitrator.

Prior to entering the training arena, Goldman built and operated 2 professional theatres in San Diego, producing over 100 shows and “The American Dance Awards” for ABC TV, starring Sammy Davis Jr. (his last public appearance), Patrick Swayze, Liza Minelli, Paula Abdul, and others.

Goldman is a committed, passionate child advocate. Under a grant from the U.S. Justice Dept., she designed and delivered an interactive, anti-youth violence curriculum used by hundreds of school districts and is a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for a foster child in San Diego County.

Wellworks For You was created as a vehicle to assist employers in designing and implementing a comprehensive wellness program. We recognize that healthy minds and healthy bodies are the catalyst to a successful working environment.

Corporate wellness programs have a proven track record of Return on Investment (ROI). The pitfall of many programs is that they are still one-dimensional, not personalized, and passive with minimal participation.

The Wellworks For You Program commits to a strong focus on your employees by promoting organizational integration and strong communication. We believe the key to a successful program is engagement! Our proprietary platforms, systems, and incentive management tools deliver the highest employee participation with a measurable return on investment.

A program’s level of economic return depends on the program model and use of the strategies that define “best practices.” Wellworks For You provides the foundation to administer a health promotion program at a premier level with ease. Its systems have advanced methods of collecting and tracking data to provide a comprehensive dataset for the metrics that are essential in estimating ROI.

Tom Tegler, President of Wellworks For You, founded the company in 2009. He began his career with Guardian Life Insurance Company and spent a few years within the employee benefits field gathering a good understanding of the industry and employer risk. After a few years of research, he wanted to create a wellness company and platform that took a more proactive approach to healthcare.

Today Wellworks For You manages the corporate wellness programs for over 1.5 million members throughout the United States. The company and its team members are consistently expanding its resources provided to its clients and the marketplace. In 2020 they established a new division and technology that focuses on the emotional and mental wellbeing of participating members.

Tom earned a B.S. in Business Management from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA, in 1994. He currently resides in West Chester, PA with his wife and four children.

A simple yet powerful program, designed to help remote employees focus on their mental health. Like physical fitness for the body, our mental fitness program trains people to focus and calm their mind, giving them the ability to better manage stressful situations at work and outside of it. We believe that when employees come together to learn and support each other, they create measurable results for themselves and a happier, healthier, less-stressed organization. Learn more at

Stephen, the Founder & CEO of Journey spent years in the business sector, founding and running companies, including Altrum Honors, which helped organizations celebrate and inspire their employees. After years of personal practice, Stephen recognized that wellbeing needed to be shared with the world in a more approachable, accessible way. In 2015, Stephen founded Journey with a simple but powerful goal: help people live happier lives with greater clarity and peace of mind.

FitPros is a health and fitness company that brings wellness direct to workplaces across the US. We're hired by companies like ​Twitter, MLB Network, Square and many more to provide on-site wellness solutions for their employees. Recognizing each business is unique, we create custom solutions to improve employee health, happiness, and commitment to their employer.​​

We are on a mission to inspire others to uncover their highest health potential by motivating health and happiness through physical movement and mindful education where people spend the most time - at work!

As a former corporate Marketing Director, FitPros Founder, Lindsay Bailey has over a decade of experience building events and integrated campaigns, with a focus on retention to drive revenue. Similar to many people in the workforce, Lindsay hit a wall in her career. She was burnt-out from the unhealthy long-hours, eating lunch at her desk, then unconsciously snacking throughout the day. She felt a sense of guilt to step away from the office to workout. As a result, she left the comforts of a steady job, and set-out on an unknown journey to find health and happiness.

Lindsay’s personal weight-loss of 45+ pounds ignited her drive to become a nationally certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach in January 2014. Recognizing the importance to connect the body and mind, she traveled to India for a 5-week intensive Yoga Teacher Training. Fascinated by the science of food and exercise to nourish the body, Lindsay strictly trained for 12-weeks with a loss of 11% body-fat and 18 pounds, prior to competing in her first bikini fitness competition in June, 2015.

Following her Mother’s footsteps, Lindsay dreamt of owning a successful business. Little did she know her corporate career and more recent fitness passion would collide. Lindsay was referred by a former colleague to teach yoga at their workplace. Word spread, and Lindsay’s teaching gigs became so plentiful that she had to pass along classes to her teacher friends. Struck by a memory of a hodgepodge pedometer challenge at a past job, Lindsay tied it all together to identify a need and business opportunity for holistic fitness and health in the workplace.

Launched in January 2016, FitPros was formed to motivate health and happiness through physical movement and mindful education where people spend the most time – at work! FitPros will step in to support your company retain and recruit high caliber employees, while positively impacting your bottom line savings through wellness programs at your location.

Want to learn more about FitPros workplace wellbeing services or how you can contribute a blog?



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