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What's New Spotlight: March 2021

As wellness continues to evolve, FitPros is dedicated to providing you with new and relevant topics and activities for your employees. Find out what’s new this month:


Tiny Broadway

Tiny Broadway is the leading platform connecting kids, teachers and accomplished artists to create an immersive learning experience. Tiny Broadway’s mission is to ensure all kids develop essential skills like empathy, curiosity and courage to become tomorrow’s leaders and change makers. Our curated list of Broadway stars, accomplished artists and childhood educators have designed sessions to make learning these essential skills fun and interactive.

Children's Storytime

Storytime introduces kiddos to new words and skills. Stories will be read aloud, followed by engaging activities to help little ones learn valuable lessons, while still having fun!

Comedy Show

Remember the good ol’ days? How about the good ol’ nights when you could go out for dinner and a show? We hope those nights are coming back sooner than later but, in the meantime and while the clubs are closed, we’ve got the next best thing – LIVE VIRTUAL COMEDY!

That’s right! It is live, unedited standup happening in real-time but without all the strangers around you. Sit back, relax and watch nationally touring comedians from the comfort of your own home.

With all different formats, from an hour with an individual or a showcase of a number of professionals, it is the perfect way to laugh with your staff in a time when it is difficult to be in the room with them.


Strong Nation

Discover the total-body, HIIT workout, where every move is synced to the beat. Join the movement and let the music push you further and further, until you don’t know where the beat ends and you begin. THIS IS STRONG NATION™ (formerly STRONG by Zumba.) Using only your body weight, STRONG Nation™ will test your strength and stamina in a powerful cardio and muscle-conditioning session in one, all led by original music designed for the workout.

STRONG Nation™ combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training moves synced to original music that has been specifically designed to match every single move. Every squat, every lunge, every burpee is driven by the music, helping you make it to that last rep, and maybe even five more. In each class you'll burn calories while toning arms, legs, abs and glutes with plyometric or explosive moves (high knees, burpees, and jumping jacks) and interchanged with isometric moves like (lunges, squats, and kickboxing). It’s time to really make the most out of your workout!

Contact a Wellbeing Manager today to schedule these activities and learn about other offerings available.

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