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Let's get your team on their way to wellbeing.

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Workshops for HR Leaders

HR leaders have a hard job! Arm them with tactics to support their teams and maintain their personal sanity.

Since March 2020, HR teams have been key to helping companies shift to remote work. They’ve had to lay off workers, then try hiring them back in a wild job market. Positions are difficult to fill with so many open jobs. HR managers are posting jobs and seeing underqualified candidates. The unemployment rate is now down to 4.6% (and dropping).

The Paychex Pulse of HR Report surveyed 1,000 HR decision-makers in the U.S. and 98% of HR leaders say the pandemic has transformed their role. 70% say this has been one of the most challenging years of their career.

HR leaders have an exceptionally hard job. Here are several Health Talks directed for HR personnel to learn tactics for supporting their teams while practicing their own self-care to maintain their sanity.


Ukraine Conflict: Protecting Your Team’s Mental Health

The crisis in Ukraine is hard to watch and speak about, but avoidance is also harmful. In this talk, a specialist provides actionable items for HR Leaders and Middle Managers to process difficult emotions, combat misinformation, and encourage compassion in the workplace, including how to navigate difficult discussions with your employees who watch from afar and lose colleagues in the battle. The session concludes with time dedicated to Q&A, providing more specific answers for those seeking to improve emotional wellbeing in the workplace.


Caregivers Guide to Grief

With loss comes grief. And with grief comes coping skills for a range of varying losses. In this session, you'll learn coping strategies focused on secondary loss and disenfranchised grief. Your session expert will emphasize and unpack normalization, as caregivers tend to normalize losses as being part of their job.

More Brain, More Power

Our brains can be very powerful at helping us process traumatic situations. With the right tools, it can create new and helpful brain patterns that move from a sympathetic dominant state to achieve a parasympathetic reset. In this session, you'll learn helpful tools like visualization, thought shifting, and breathing that can help maintain adaptability and mental resilience.

It Starts with Communication

How you react and respond to difficult moments says a lot about how you communicate with others. Understanding yourself and what triggers you can help you communicate more effectively. In this session, you'll learn about automatic thoughts, unhealthy thought patterns, and how to use mindfulness as a means to choose more skillful ways of communicating with others.

Virtues of a Team Player

It's not news to anyone that employee stress levels are on the rise. As our world changes and adapts to new ways of working, the need to develop skills that can help us become ideal collaborative team members is becoming important. In this session, you'll learn how to develop coveted employees, avoid burnout, and practice healthy habits to improve work-life for you and those around you.

Company-wide Wellbeing Open Forum

When one or two sessions won't cover it, consider this open forum panel discussion. During this session, your company leaders and wellbeing ambassadors will have the opportunity for a real-time open discussion with a wellbeing expert. This way, your team can get into the more pressing topics.


FitPros is a turn-key wellness provider empowering people to take charge of their personal health wherever they work.

Contact FitPros to diversify your company’s wellbeing offerings and help employees meet their health & fitness goals.


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