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FitPros was established to bring fitness and health industry experts right to your office, providing turnkey wellness programs that engage and motivate employees.

Discipline Without Yelling, Nagging,
or Spanking

In this talk, participants will discuss parenting struggles, receive psycho-education related to the long-lasting effects of negative discipline, discover prevention methods, and learn punishment alternatives to setting boundaries.

Discover Your

Joyous Adult

Becoming your own Nurturing Parent means acknowledging and responding to your inner negative voices. Through this Health Talk, participants will discover their own Nurturing Parent by learning how to heal old wounds and break through the roadblocks in their lives.

Improving Your Kids' Grades With Strategic Nutrition

Open your eyes to the pivotal role nutrition plays in the academic development and performance of your kids. Parents only want the best for their kids and this presentation is jam-packed with important new information you need to know about nutrition and supplements for optimal mental fitness for your children.

Discover Mistaken
Goals Behind Your Child’s Misbehavior

Participants will receive psycho-education on discerning beliefs versus behaviors, recognition of parents’ responses, and developing proactive parenting skills connected to their children’s mistaken goals.

Parents of Children With Special Needs

When parents see their children struggle because they are not receiving the educational program they need, the parents suffer too -- often affecting their emotional and physical wellbeing. Participants will learn how to persuasively present their concerns to start improving their child’s special education program.

Stress Management Strategies for Parents

Parenting is undoubtedly one of the most stressful jobs out there. In this talk, participants will receive education related to sources of stress, common symptoms, and actionable strategies for effective stress management.

Digital & Mobile Parenting Support

Our partner, Cleo is reimagining support for today’s working parents. Cleo’s app pairs intelligent personalization technology with a global network of certified care practitioners to guide parents on their journey from considering, to pregnancy, to parenthood, and back to work again. Employers see increased employee retention, more diverse and inclusive workplaces, improved health outcomes, and savings on expensive pregnancy-related health claims.

Reimagining School - Making It Work for Families Remotely

Many people manage personal and work lives at home, which sometimes may also include managing our children’s learning from home. How can we rethink and reconstruct school life to flourish under such unexpected circumstances? This talk will help participants adapt to working remotely while navigating their child’s schooling from home by providing simple, manageable ideas to reimagine work, school, and family life.

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