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Let's get your team on their way to wellbeing.

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How about fun in the sun for your next team gathering?

Our partners at Xtreme Xcursions have unique team oriented ideas to help your company stand-out and impress your staff!

Dozens of Bay Area companies like Google, have joined Xtreme Xcursions for an Adventure Day on the Bay and loved it. Your team will too!

There are many ways to motivate your employees to get out into the sun and have some fun, but Xtreme Xcursions provides an exciting format to invigorate and challenge people to think outside of the box and push their bodies to new heights (literally!).

Here are some of the Adventure Day on the Bay activities:

1) Sailing

2) Jet boats

3) Flyboarding (think Iron Man)

4) Zorbing (think Human Hamster Ball)

And much, much more...

All in 1 day. On 1 spectacular bay!

Adventure Day on the Bay is 100% safe, insured, invigorating, inspiring, unique and comes highly recommended.

Are you considering any team-building corporate events for Q2 and Q3? Please reach out to Alex and Joanna at for more information and check out their website @

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