Maximize your ROI on Health & Wellness

Find out How to maximize your ROI on your health and wellness programs!

Have you ever been frustrated because you asked your team if they wanted something, and once you’ve gone through time, energy and expense to make it happen for them, no one uses it? If you have, you’re not alone! As a wellness-coaching provider, getting to the bottom of this phenomenon was high on the list of priorities! Here’s what we found.

In a nutshell there is a conflict between people’s desire and their willingness to take action.

When you ask how many of your employees want to lose weight you may get a large number. In reality, you may actually have a small portion of that population who are ready to do what it takes to be successful. Statistically 67% of any population in The U.S. is not ready to make the changes they need to in order to reach the goal they stated. Shocking isn’t it?!

To help you figure out where to invest in order to ensure maximum ROI, we use a tool designed to assess this. It takes 5 minutes, and can save tens of thousands of dollars of wasted wellness spending. We simply use a questionnaire to find out a broad overview of someone’s lifestyle in the key areas of sleep, stress, happiness, exercise, and nutrition. We ask questions about what the person would like to achieve, and what changes they are prepared to make in their lifestyle.

For example, when someone indicates they want to lose 30lbs, and also indicate they are not prepared to make changes to their nutritional habits at this time; this will be scored and counts towards a ‘gap’. The more changes they say no to, which are directly related to achieving their goal; the bigger the gap. The bigger the gap between what they desire (weight loss) and what they’re willing to do about it (change habits), the more likely they are to be unsuccessful. Simple right? And effective too! The days of offering everything to everyone are over!. They can retake the questionnaire at any time and when they’re scores improve; it’s their turn for investment!

So how can you start making a better investment in your health and wellness programs?

  • Eliminate peer pressure or mob mentality to get answers closer to the truth. Ask people in a closed setting, and not in a group meeting, either one-to-one or via a questionnaire, what health and wellness goals they’d like to achieve.

  • Ask them specific questions about whether they are prepared to make changes to their lifestyle at this time. Get specific, for example ‘at this time are you prepared to make changes to your sleep patterns if it will help you achieve your goals?’

  • Invest in those who have no gap first, then with people who have a small gap. For example, someone who said they want to lose 30lbs, and is not prepared to change their nutrition, but is willing to improve everything else (in this case sleep, exercise, and stress management).

  • Get someone working on any area they have indicated they are willing to make a change to. If someone said they want to lose 30lbs, and are not willing to change exercise and nutrition habits, but are willing to work on their stress levels, then my advice is to offer them a stress management solution. The gap will decrease over time as they make improvements!

Thanks for reading!

James Segal

Founder & CEO