30 Day Smoothie Challenge

30 Day Smoothie Pedal Challenge

Are you an HR Manager, Benefits Manager, or Wellness Manager looking to add a little something different to your company's wellness initiatives?

Well, our 30 day smoothie challenge may be the answer. The Pedal Powered Smoothie Bar is looking for two leading edge companies to pilot this new service for 30 days. We are looking for 25 to 30 employees who are willing to participate in this challenge. The goal and intention for creating this smoothie challenge is to help busy professionals stay healthy, fit and full of energy to kick start their work day. We also desire to help employees lose weight and incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their diet. Our packages focus on whole food nutrition and can be customized for any ailments such as (diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and other health condition). Of course, the smoothies alone are no magic cure all. Diet and exercise should be incorporated as well but the smoothies sure are a start to fueling the body with the vitamins and nutrients the body wants and needs to stay healthy. For more information please click here.