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FitPros Partners with Les Mills to Offer Studio Quality On-Demand Fitness Classes

Updated: Feb 5

By Lindsey Johnson

THE DIFFERENCE: Live Fitness Classes vs. On-Demand

Both live exercise classes and on-demand serve a great purpose! It depends on what your goal is to decide which is right for your team. We think that live classes and on-demand complement each other nicely and for that reason, FitPros has teamed up with Les Mills, the leader in studio-quality recorded fitness classes.

Voted #1 best home workout of 2020 by USA Today, Les Mills content for Corporate delivers:

  • 100 videos, including equipment and non-equipment workouts, from the six most popular programs + technique tips, and mindfulness videos.

  • New releases every quarter to keep the content fresh and your employees engaged.

  • An enhanced offering that improves retention and grows your revenue.

The uniqueness of FitPros Fitness Class is that during a live class the Teacher can offer on-the-spot modifications for varying skill levels and ensure students have proper form to avoid injury. In addition, live classes give employees an opportunity to bond over a common goal and shared experience. When 2020 pushed the world into remote work it proved how critical human connection and belonging are to our wellbeing. In fact, Social Wellness is one of FitPros Wellbeing Pillars, hence why we feel strongly that on-demand is not a replacement for live classes.

The benefits of on-demand fitness classes are also vast. For example, recorded classes allow people to take the class at a time that is convenient for their schedule. As an HR lead, you don’t have to worry about people having meetings and the live class having low attendance for that reason. On the flip side, there’s not as much accountability for people to take the class on their own. When their friends are in the class people have extra motivation to show up.

Another consideration as to why on-demand is a choice for some employees is that they may feel embarrassed to get sweaty with their colleagues. This isn’t such a big deal for virtual classes, but there is still the factor of not looking at your best and some are just not comfortable with others seeing them that way, and we have to accept that. On the other hand, there are people like me who are motivated by a good challenge and work even harder and faster when someone is watching.

As you can see there are benefits to offering both high-quality studio filmed fitness classes as well as creating a space for employees to develop camaraderie while meeting their health goals. 85% of people were already working out from home pre-COVID, a trend that will only continue. Digital content adds value to your benefits and helps your employees hit their fitness goals at home with on-demand studio filmed workouts.

Les Mills began in 1968 as a small family gym in Auckland, New Zealand. Three generations on, there are now millions who work out with Les Mills every day, all over the world. Les Mills workouts are powered by science. In a world where we are bombarded by conflicting and confusing health and fitness advice, evidence-based exercise programs stand out. They partner with internationally-renowned university research teams to test the effects of their programs on key community health factors such as obesity and heart disease, along with investigations into the motivational and behavioral aspects of fitness.

“Our aim is to create life-changing fitness experiences for consumers worldwide. We’ve been revolutionizing the group fitness industry for nearly 50 years and exercise science plays a big part in that,” says Phillip Mills, Les Mills Executive Director.

With the FitPros - Les Mills collaboration corporations can now offer top-notch fitness instructors both live and on-demand at a fantastic rate.

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