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Can You Build Muscle Without Protein Powder?

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

When you start your muscle-gaining journey, you will notice that the very first thing that you will be asked to do is add protein to your diet.

Generally, people go for fresh food so they can add protein. In their diet but the main issue with fresh diet protein is that it also contains other things. You will be eating a full bowl of food, and it will only contain a few grams of protein. This issue is so common that people end up giving up the idea of muscle gain. Apart from this, the res food items that have protein like chicken or fish are so bland that you cannot rely on them for day-to-day food. Within just a few days of eating these things, you will feel that your body is giving up, you will get digestion issues, and this will lead to serious health issues as well. To resolve this problem, most people get on a supplements-based diet that contains protein shakes, protein pills, and protein powder. These supplements work great for the body, and they have so many alternatives as well.

However, the biggest issue that most people report is that they either have dietary issues or they think it is too experienced. Both these issues are valid, and people know that they cannot rely on protein powder which might be a natural extract, but you can never be sure what goes inside the bottle. To deal with this issue, most people who want to gain muscle ask questions about gaining lean muscle without any preservatives or supplements. They do not want to use protein powder, and they also want to make sure that they are not overeating. To find this balance, it is very important to look for things that help add protein to your diet without straining your budget or causing any side effects.

With the help of this article, you will start feeling muscle gain and look good in workout wear. We answer important questions about protein powders. We will see if you can gain muscle without using protein powder and what some of the basic food items can help you speed up the process without straining your budget.

How To Gain Muscle Without Using Any Protein Powder?

Protein powder is known to just speed up the process, but it is not essential. If you do not have protein powder or if you do not want to use protein powder, there are so many other ways to introduce protein in your diet. From meat, chicken, and fish to lentils and vegetables, there are so many different things that can offer you protein in a much tasty and refreshing way.

Here are some of the best ways you can add protein to your diet if you do not want to add protein powder to your diet:


Eggs are one of the cheapest and most effective ways to add protein to your diet. However, make sure you are not eating a full egg but rather avoiding the yolk. For a better understanding, just eat one yolk a day as it has a high amount of cholesterol.


Another very good way to add protein is to eat fish, and the best thing is that there are so many different variations and recipes that you can try.


Chicken has a high protein amount, so you can add as much protein as possible to your diet. Also, it has very less fat content, so you will be getting lean protein only.


Milk also has some of the best protein variations, and if you want to enjoy milk, try to avoid adding any flavors. Most of the protein powder that you will get in the market is made of milk because it has a very balanced amount of protein.

Greek Yogurt

Another very fun way to add protein to your diet. Greek yogurt can be a very good salad dressing or even a healthy dessert option. You can add dry fruits and your favorite fruits for flavor.


Lentils also have a good protein amount, and they can be used in soups, salads, and as a side dish as well. There are so many different traditional dishes that use lentils.


Salmon has lean protein, which will help you lose fat while gaining muscle. it is great for people who want to lose weight, get toned, or have a good body shape.


Soy is a perfect addition to the list because you can do so much with soy. People like to make sandwiches, milk, and even desserts with soy. Soy has a very good amount of protein so you will get to enjoy all the variations.

Pumpkin Seeds

Roasted pumpkin seeds are used as snacks in many regions and they can also be added to salads. They have high protein amounts and there is no side effect of eating them.

Dry Fruit

Crunchy dry fruits are added to salads and other food items to enhance flavors. Also, it is a great way to add protein and healthy fats to the diet. People who do not want to consume fat can use dry fruits sit contain all the good fats.


A little bit dry but it tastes just like chicken. It is used in salads, sandwiches, or just as a main dish. Roasted turkey is a very good way to gain protein as it has a very quality of protein without any extra fat.

Sea Food

Seafood has so many variations and each variation has a different taste and texture that can be used for different dishes as well. People who want to eat protein from fresh sources can use seafood in their diet as well. Seafood is not just food for muscle gain but also great for skin, nails, hair, and body health.


Beef is one of the best ways to add protein to the diet but most people choose to avoid beef because of the high fat content. You can add beef in a very limited amount otherwise you might have to face high cholesterol level issues.


Beans have so many different types and each type has its taste, texture and can be used for different reasons as well. However, red beans are very high in protein. You can add beans in soups, salads, or just for spreads, the options are endless.


Chickpeas are a very good protein source that can be added to salads, as a salad dressing, or just as a snack that you can enjoy. Roasted chickpeas are also blended with different flavors to be used as a spread.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up there is no doubt that you can gain muscle without relying on protein powder, however, the way you use protein powder or what you replace it with is very important. You need protein powder for the sake of filling your protein needs, but sometimes people do not like to eat a lot of meat, lentils, and things that are filled with protein. This is where you need to get a good protein powder. There is nothing wrong with using a protein powder, especially because you can find it with different variations and different flavors as well. If you are vegan, you can get vegan-friendly protein, while if you are not a vegan, there are very good proteins for non-vegan people as well. However, it is safe to say that even without using the protein powder, you will get good results, but the speed will not be enough. Written by Joseph Akoni with Elite Sports


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