FitPros On-Site Self-Defense

Employees who participate in on-site corporate Self Defense classes exhibit:

- Increased self-confidence and self-control which leads to a renewed level of respect for others

- Improved goal-setting, organizational and leadership skills

- Reduced stress, as a result of having an energy outlet that promotes a non-aggressive attitude

Self-Defense training has been shown to improve employee discipline, morale, and enhance teamwork. Feelings of weakness, social anxiety, and concern for one’s safety can cause stress on an entire employee group.

In this course, students will learn psychological awareness and verbal skills, not just physical training. Students are taught awareness, how to assess a situation, how to communicate clearly, as well as physical techniques that enable someone to successfully escape, resist, and survive violent attacks.

Fight, Flight, or Freeze... What is the correct answer?

“There are four basic truths of violent assault: They will happen closer, faster, more suddenly and with more power than most people believe.” -

There are things that should never need to be said, but still must because there is power in the words:

  • You have permission to defend yourself.

  • You have permission to be rude.

  • You have permission to survive, no matter what it takes. You have permission to act when the scary man attacks. You do not need to wait until he draws the weapon or until he points it at you, or until he hurts you.

  • You have permission to act...

  • You have permission to invent something better than I ever taught you.

  • You have blanket permission to grow, live, survive, fight, run, scream, talk, play, laugh, learn, and experiment. You have permission to win.

  • You have permission to decide what winning is.

  • Be amazing!”

- Sgt Rory Miller


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