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About WFA

Hi! I'm Sheena, founder of Workforce Athletics (WFA). I grew up in Calgary, Canada and from a very young age LOVED playing every sport I could get my hands (or feet) on. I eventually focused on tennis and was honored a division I scholarship at Northern Arizona University (Go Lumberjacks!) After enduring a career ending knee injury I left NAU to finish up my undergraduate degree in Montreal. Leaving NAU was bittersweet as it meant leaving behind a huge piece of my identity - my tennis, my routine; practice, play, compete, train. This is what I knew, this is what I loved, but it was time to move on and experience life without competitive tennis. While I loved and appreciated my new life in Montreal something was missing. I yearned for the feeling I got every time I stepped onto the court. I missed my teammates, my coaches, the nail biter matches. I missed wearing my team swag loud and proud. I missed the early workouts and late night snack stops on route back from a tournament. I missed being a high performance athlete but I never forgot that "feeling" or incredible impact that sports had on my life. After graduating college and dabbling in everything from working on a film set to to traveling all over South America, I moved to San Francisco where I began my career in Youth Sports Management. During my time in youth sports I couldn't help but continue to ask myself : Why is there an enormous focus on youth sports? What happens to athletes once they graduate college and enter the workforce? Why don't adults have team sports coaches? How can we create that "feeling" I got from playing sports? One night at 3am I woke up from a dream. I dreamt of a time and place where sports would have the same impact on adults as it does on youth. I dreamt of playing for my company, wearing the logo loud and proud. I dreamt of having a coach and learning new skills. I dreamt of competing and caring about the outcome. I dreamt of teammates becoming family and family watching me compete again. I woke up from my dream and announced to my wife - "The NCAA for the workforce. A governing body for corporate sports - I must create this!" And so I did.

Introducing Workforce Athletics, the Corporate Sports Governing body, dedicated to the lifelong success of Employee-Athletes.

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