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10% Off FitPros Financial Talk Series *

* Discount applies to standard pricing. Must purchase a series of 4 or more finance talks.

Check out some of our Finance offerings below:

Be Your Own CFO

  • The formula for managing your finances like a CFO

  • 3 S’s: Spending, Servicing Debt, Saving & Investing

  • Building and using a Financial Dashboard

  • Impactful spending tactics and debt strategies

Investing Bootcamp

  • 2 Saving & Investing priorities

  • Asset Allocation, Diversification, and Asset Location

  • Stocks & bonds, mutual funds & ETFs, 401ks & IRAs

  • 5 steps to designing and managing an investment plan

Employee Stock Options

  • Attributes of stock options (ISOs and NSOs)

  • Attributes of stock awards (RSSs and RSUs)

  • Income tax considerations for options and RSUs

  • 3 factors to consider when thinking about exercising stock options

Ready for Retirement

  • Federal income tax system: ordinary income, AMT, capital gains

  • Form 1040 and the most common schedules

  • Missed and misunderstood deductions and credits

  • 3 best practices to adhere to

Estate Planning for Everyone

  • Estate plan definition and why everyone needs one

  • Titling, documents, and structures

  • 4 core estate plan components: will, living trust, 2 durable powers of attorney

  • Soft side: choosing the people in a plan

Understanding Income Taxes

  • Retirement: no paycheck + new healthcare expenses

  • Health insurance landscape: Medicare, Medicaid, supplemental plans

  • 2 keys for when to start Social Security benefits

  • Generating income from 401ks and IRAs

For more information on how to secure your 10% savings on finance talks, please send an email to with "Financial Talks Series" in the subject. You can also check out our Finance Talk topics at

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