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Workplace Community

There is nothing better than a happy and healthy workplace- let’s face it, nobody wants employees who don’t want to work for their company, so many companies are going above and beyond to ensure that the physical and mental well-being of their employees is a priority. Doing so significantly impacts the happiness of their demographic. Wellness programs aren’t just “nice to have,” they are key to keeping your employees motivated, engaged, and productive. Particularly ‘on-site wellness’ programs, increase employee retention and build camaraderie.

Workplace relationships are especially crucial for the well-being of employees. It’s not just about being able to get along with a coworker... humans long for the contact and connection with other human beings, and for many employees work can unfortunately be the only place they can access it. Though there is the popular phrase, “I’m here to work, not be your friend,” it is essential for companies to understand the importance of social connections in the workplace.

Workplace community is vital to the well-being of employees because if they are full-time, employees spend most of their time at work. Which means, they are in the office even more than they are in their own home! Employees wake up at the crack of dawn, commute to work, stay in the office 8+ hours, commute back home, sleep, and repeat and if an employee comes into a positive work environment every day where they feel supported, their stress level, productivity, and general feelings of happiness will positively improve. Not only do these improved aspects affect work performance, but more importantly, the overall health of the employee.

Social psychologists have studied the human need to connect for years. Feeling a sense of belonging is an important intrinsic motivator. Meaning, one feels more motivated if they are connected to others and socially accepted. Therefore if an employer wants more motivated employees they should provide an environment that gives them stable and long-lasting relationships with others.

Why does camaraderie and community matter in the workplace?

Employees with low levels of support, both inside and outside of the workplace, are particularly at risk for productivity loss and health issues. A sense of closeness among employees can greatly improve their happiness and productivity. Companies should not underestimate the gravity of team-based activities and bonding, especially if they are looking to increase employee retention.

Imagine walking into an office each day where you either; don’t really know anyone or don’t like the colleagues you do know. Either way, you may not accomplish your best work and/or want to constantly flee the office. On the other hand, when you head into the office and are excited and energized by your co-workers, more likely you will want to stay until the work day is done and bring enthusiasm into your work activities.

When colleagues genuinely like each other, working as a team improves greatly. There are high levels of communication because employees who are willing to build off one another. Plus, teamwork is NOT pleasant when you’re trying to create something great, with a group of strangers.

Employees who truly feel an honest sense of community within their office, are more likely to stay longer than those who: come into work, leave at 5 PM everyday and feel no real bond with anyone. Promoting team bonding activities will help employees commit to their employer.

How do wellness programs improve camaraderie?

Wellness programs are a great way to build a sense of community, while also educating one’s employees on health and wellness. Naturally, wellness programs depend on the participation of employees, but no matter what the program is, there is a guarantee to bring a number of employees together. At FitPros, we offer a gamut of fitness activities, health talks, workshops, health fairs, and more! As employees work on improving their health as a community, camaraderie will follow. A crucial component of wellness programs, is that they tie employees to something bigger than themselves- they hold people accountable to their peers, and help them celebrate small and large victories as a team. Implementing wellness programs will get employees working together towards the same incentives and goals (outside of their usual responsibilities) which in turn will positively carry over into their everyday work.

Focusing on employee bonding through wellness programs, helps employees make a personal investment to their company, which WILL decrease their likelihood of leaving. When done correctly, wellness programs are naturally engaging to employees, especially if they are personalized. At FitPros, we provide companies tools and support, to get to know their employee demographic, by creating personalized wellness programs that cater to the needs and wants of their demographic.

Workplace wellness has two major benefits. First, it helps employees improve their overall well-being, which allows more productivity and efficiency in the workplace, and increases camaraderie. Secondly, workplace wellness benefits the company overall because, wellness programs have proven to lower overall health costs and help companies recruit and retain qualified talent to their company.

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