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FitPros would like to provide your employees with Bare Snack Chips and Brew Dr. Kombucha. Simply follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn or tag us in a post (if you already follow us) and you will be entered to win snacks for 500 employees. Yes it is that simple!

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We believe it’s the simple things that make life a little fuller. Our crave-ably crunchy snacks are made from simple, real ingredients. It all starts with picking the ripest fruit and digging up the freshest veggies. We then slice and slowly bake our fruit and veggies to crunchy perfection. Our chips are an easy healthy choice to snack on at home or on-the-go.

Bare is available at major grocery retailers in the PRODUCE section; at Target, Costco and Starbucks. Or buy online at amazon.com

Brew Dr. Kombucha

Every batch of Brew Dr. Kombucha is crafter from the beginning. We start with the same high-quality organic teas we serve at our Townshend's Teahouses and add only organic botanicals (Dried herbs, roots and fruits). It's a no shortcuts, whole ingredients approach that we have stayed true to from the beginning.

Brew Dr. Kombucha can be found in every major retail store including but not limited to; Whole Foods, Berkeley Bowl, Rainbow Market, Target, New Seasons, New Leaf and Luckys