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3 Best HIIT Workouts for BJJ White Belts

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

If you are into fitness and you have already started working, there is a high chance that you have come across the word “HIIT.” Even if you are into a professional workout or you are an athlete, using a HIIT workout seems to be a simple solution that everyone will recommend to you. No matter what your issue might be, if you want to gain weight, lose weight, become muscular, or just get into shape, people will tell you to start with a HIIT workout. As a beginner, most people get confused as to how a simple workout can be a solution for every possible fitness problem. A simple answer to this question is that HIIT is not an exercise, instead, it is a framework that consists of exercises. This framework is used for arranging the exercises in a way that they become effective. Moreover, this formwork has so many different variations that you can try, and each variation has its pros and cons.

With such a diverse exercise solution to cover, most people think that it is a one-fit method that is used by people to get quick results. There is no doubt that HIIT offers much better and quicker results than other exercises, but it is also an intense workout that will get you started on your route to success. Since the exercise is intense, you can get to pick and choose the workout you want and especially include workouts that you find interesting. Since this framework is quite effective, most trainers use this method for training athletes. As a beginner in BJJ, you need to start by understanding the importance of HIIT training and your skill level. Then you can use the HIIT workout to enhance your skill level and use it to prepare your body for the extreme workout to come.

With the help of this article, we will look at some of the simple ways you can arrange your HIIT-based workout. We will also list down some of the simple HIIT-based workouts that can be used by the beginner in BJJ.

How to Effectively Plan a HIIT Workout as A BJJ Beginner?

High-intensity interval training, commonly known as the HIIT workout, is a simple exercise framework. Within this framework, you get to choose 5-6 simple exercises of your choice and then arrange them in a way that each exercise is followed by a short resting time. Generally, for BJJ students, these workouts just consist of stamina and strength-based workout. You can choose cardio or endurance-based workouts with good range and variation. If you have been working out before you stepped into BJJ, then you can choose something extreme. However, if you are a beginner and you have never workout before, then an intense workout can cause serious injury.

it is better to start with a simple warm-up session and then gradually build into it. Walking, running, or just stretching workouts are a great way to kick-start your HIIT workout. After you have developed some progress, and then you can transition into some functional workout, that can help you learn the BJJ techniques and perfect the overall fighting method as well. However, stepping straight into HIIT is dangerous and can get you into long-term injury, leading to permanent damage.

What To Add In Your HIIT Workout As A BJJ White Belt?

As a white belt, your HIIT will mainly consist of stamina-building cardio-based workouts. Through these workouts, you will get to learn the power of breathing, pacing your mind and body, along with managing your energy. Since the training will be tough, it will also help you with breathing rate and heart rate while making sure that it can nullify the effect of sudden heart rate and breathing influx. Generally, if you do not prep your body, the increase in heart and breathing rate can affect the cardiovascular system along with the respiratory system and overall body function, which can be bad for untrained BJJ fighters. However, with the help of a good warm-up and then starting with the BJJ, you can reduce the chance of injury alone with some balance. These workouts are also good for developing mental toughness, stability, balance, and body coordination, boosting the immune system, and helping with weight loss.

3 Best HIIT Workouts for BJJ White Belts

HIIT workouts are generally intense, so as a beginner, it is advised that you have to kick-start your workout to go all the way. It is advised to start with a simple warm-up session that consists of dynamic stretching.

HIIT workout for a beginner without equipment

To start your workout, you will have five different cardio-based workouts of your choice. For this, we have selected Mountain Climbers, High Knees, Burpees, Lunges, and Jumping Jacks. All these workouts do not need any equipment, and there is no limitation of space. You can kick off your workout anywhere at your own home or living room. However, make sure that for each workout, you have 40 seconds intense exercise stream followed by 10 seconds of rest. Any extension in the resting time will simply waste your workout-to-time ratio, slowing you down and reducing your productivity. Another thing to keep in mind is that these workouts need to be timed.

HIIT workout for beginners with equipment

For the second HIIT-based workout, we will be taking help from some equipment that is easily available in the gym. Since most BJJ fighters start their workout at training gyms so these simple HIIT-based workouts will be really helpful. For this, we have chosen simple workouts, Cycling, Elliptical Running, Rowing Machine, Jumping Rope, and Stair Climber. For this workout, there is no repetition, and since the transition from one machine to another will consume a lot of time so you can extend the workout time to a whole minute.

HIIT workout with BJJ techniques

For this workout will mainly use cardio based on the punching exercise. For the punching workout, we will start with shadowboxing and then move to swing boxing, heavy bag boxing, speed boxing, and full swing boxing. You can also add some boxing combinations that you want to try. All these boxing workouts collectively will help reflex action along with the striking action required in BJJ.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, HIIT is one of the best workouts that can be used by BJJ fighters of all levels. However as the level evolves and the fighting skills improve, you get to add more variation and more intensity within the workout range. While choosing the workout make sure you have your goal in mind so you can align your workout with it. Since choosing the workouts is very important, you can get to take professional advice or just ask your trainer. Usually HIIT based workouts plan are easily available but as a beginner in BJJ, you need to be a little more careful. You have to assess your body and its needs as well as look at your goal before you start planning your workout routine. However, if you are still finding it a little difficult, the above-mentioned HIIT workout routines are perfect for a beginner and can be used as a reference. Written by Joseph Akoni with Elite Sports


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