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6 Reasons Camping Makes for an Excellent Corporate Outing

With a variety of off-site retreat options, let us explain why camping would be the best option for your company.

1) Nature Surroundings Spark Health and Wellness

Being outdoors can boost immune function, reduce mental fatigue, lighten your mood, and improve sleep cycles.

Being in real nature is better for us than artificial spaces. Outdoorsy activities like hiking, swimming, or rafting constitute physical exercise.

2) Increases Employee Engagement

True camping— booking your own site, planning your own itinerary, and bringing your own supplies may increase team engagement. Camping can be a fulfilling and novel way of boosting morale, as it requires more of a commitment than typical team-building methods. Moreover, those new to camping could scout out the campsite and decide if they'd like to take their family camping in the future.

3) Gets Employees Out of Their Comfort Zone

Team camping can be a game-changer for ‘company benefits’. For many urbanites, camping is a whole new experience that will push people enough out of their comfort zone without plunging them in the deep end (especially in San Francisco, that offers locally secluded campsites, yet not so secluded so as to require a helicopter evacuation).

4) Presents ‘Real-World' Team-Building Activities Through Collaborative Trip Planning

Setting up camp and parceling out duties can be a challenging, yet rewarding experience. Unique team duties such as pitching tents, sharing food storages, and safeguarding for particular weather conditions, requires and deepens skills in collaboration, prioritization, decision-making, and communication. The point is to enjoy the outcome of camp planning and understand how teamwork can make for a memorable retreat.

5) Encourages Openness Among Employees

The private and intimate setting of camping presents employees the opportunity to get to know their a bit coworkers better, and could even foster an unparalleled level of empathy and bonding.

6) Saves You Money

Even if your company has budget to spare, why not use that money for more frequent outings and thereby, refresh and reinforce the skills learned in your camping retreat.

Excited? Ready to get going? Great! We’ll follow up on this post next month with a sample itinerary for a fantastic, camping retreat in the San Francisco Bay Area, for concrete ideas. In the meantime, if you need more resources, we’ve linked a few helpful finds below:

1) Booking a campsite – through Reserve America or for some great local spots!

2) Gearing up for camping – Last Minute Gear is a great local outdoor gear shop that has an incredibly convenient (last minute, delivery option) rental program. Their website offers a handy breakdown of camping essentials for attendees. For corporate trips, their rental program also offers set-up/take-down services.


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