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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at Your Company

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

For the Hispanic/Latinx community, the idea of belonging can be a complex one to navigate. Our goal is to help your company honor Hispanic Heritage Month, partnering with you to take conscious action in uplifting and celebrating your Hispanic/Latinx population with thoughtful programming and engaging team-building activities.


Yo Pertenezco Aqui | I Belong Here

The Importance of Belonging for the Hispanic / Latinx Community

In this session, we will discuss the importance of fostering belonging in the workplace and provide practical tools to support Latinx professionals. Our speaker will share personal stories and touch on specific mental health issues that can impact Latinxs, including stress, anxiety, and imposter syndrome. Additionally, we will explore how non-Latinx colleagues can support their Latinx colleagues and help build more inclusive teams. Whether you are looking to better support your colleagues or are seeking to navigate your own feelings of belonging, this health talk session will provide a personable and empathetic space to discuss these important issues. Join us in fostering a workplace culture where everyone feels they belong.

Authentic Cuisine: Mexico City Street Tacos

The chefs guide you through an authentic Mexico City street taco menu from scratch. The traditional red salsa begins with the freshest ingredients. The alambre-style taco filling is an easy skillet version of Mexican beef kebabs (alambres)—featuring ground beef, bacon, peppers, onion, and an optional blanket of melted cheese. The real skill will be in making your corn tortillas, pressing the masa harina into delicate, chewy pockets. Once you perfect your tortilla skills, you’ll never go back to prepackaged!

A Vision of Your Future


In this social engagement session, a credentialed mindfulness expert leads participants through a Hispanic Heritage Month themed vision boarding process, defining their goals, and mapping out how to achieve them through a different cultural perspective. These kits are available in English and Spanish.


Latin X Dance Fitness

Join us for Latin X dance fitness extravaganza, where we'll torch calories in a way that even outshines activities like swimming or biking. In this invigorating fitness session, we're immersing ourselves in a dynamic fusion of Latin dance styles that transcend the

boundaries of traditional salsa. As you actively participate, get ready to uncover a diverse spectrum of benefits offered by various Latin X dances. This fitness class is all about introducing you to foundational moves inspired by different Latin styles, meticulously tailored for solo practice. These moves are strategically designed to elevate not only your heart rate but also your memory, balance, and endurance. So, slip on your dancing shoes and prepare for a cardio adventure that's not only electrifying but also pulsating with the rhythms of Latin music. Let's come together and embark on this exhilarating fitness journey!

You Belong Here

We’ve partnered with Dr. Christine Coleman, a licensed psychotherapist and DEIB speaker at FitPros, to provide resources to support Hispanic/Latinx folks in finding their way through the challenges of belonging and give allies tips to implement and cultivate transformative change in their workplace.

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