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Don't Be A Last Minute Shopper This Holiday Season

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Don’t wait until the last minute to book your holiday festivities - let FitPros be your holiday event planner! Instead of a simple virtual meeting or coffee talk, why not make it an interactive activity? FitPros offers plenty of virtual activities for you to stay connected with your teams during the holidays with a fun virtual event. From holiday health talks, fitness classes, cooking demos, and games, you can bring the holidays to every employee's home and to their families.

It may look a little different this year through a screen, but we can still create new memories and traditions! So let’s celebrate the holidays together, virtually!

It's not the holidays without delicious comfort foods and sweet desserts! Add a few more recipes to your cookbook this holiday season with a FitPros Cooking Class!

  • Winter Delight Cooking Class: The weather outside may be frightful, but these recipes will leave you feeling delightful! Learn how to make comfort foods with minimal and (mostly) healthy ingredients that prove a delicious meal doesn't need to be difficult. The grocery list and recipes for the holiday themed dishes will be shared in advance.

  • Family Festive Cooking Class: The holidays are the perfect time to bond with the family in the kitchen. Grab a step stool for your Junior Chef and prepare to make memories. The grocery list and recipes for kid-friendly dishes will be shared in advance.

Take your holiday party to the next level with an interactive holiday game and competition (without leaving your home)! FitPros has exciting events that the whole family can join!

  • Holiday Hunt From Home: This one of a kind Scavenger Hunt is specifically designed to be played as a virtual team - together on screen. You'll have 45 minutes to submit as many photos and videos as possible that show your favorite traditions, worst/ best presents, hidden talents, ugliest sweaters and cutest pet costumes. There are 30 challenges to compete, will your team earn the most points before the clock runs out? Nobody gets them all done!

  • Who Kidnapped Santa: Santa has been kidnapped and we have a holly jolly list of likely suspects. Noteworthy holiday villains like Hans Gruber to Harry & Marv are at the top of the list. Breaking out into case squads, teams must race against the closet to work through a series of holiday-themed riddles, puzzles and multimedia challenges; unlocking the information needed to try and save Santa before it's too late.

The holidays can be stressful and chaotic, so help your employees rest and recharge before the new year. Our holiday health talks will help your employees relax and enjoy time with their families.

  • Holidays Done Differently: Regardless of how you choose to move through this season, holidays look different for most of us in 2020. How do we honor what is most important to us during this time of year within the limitations of a pandemic and multiple other challenges? This workshop includes practical ideas for marking this season in meaningful if new, ways. Self-compassion is introduced as an effective tool for comfort, acceptance, and thoughtful action within the present reality.

  • Gentle Reset: Embracing New Beginnings: Our challenges do not disappear with the turn of a calendar, yet something about this time of year inspires a reset. How can we embrace the new beginning of a year while honoring the continued reality of our circumstances? This workshop introduces principles of mindfulness and self-compassion as tools for meeting the moment. We move away from shame toward what nourishes.

Ready to plan your holiday event? Sign up for a free Wellness Consultation today to learn more about our virtual offerings!


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