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Enjoy Your Mornings With Yoga Wake Up

Tired of waking up to that blaring alarm every morning? Having trouble motivating yourself to get up and out of bed? You should try an alternative and peaceful way to wake up: Yoga Wake Up.

Studies have consistently shown that traditional alarm clocks and snooze buttons not only disturb your sleeping patterns, but also can leave you feeling groggy for the rest of your day.

Yoga Wake Up’s founders, Lizzie and Joaquín Brown, have created an app that offers an alarm clock with the sounds of yoga and meditation. These pre-recorded yoga audio sequences give you the ability to use this app from your bed for an easier transition from dreamland. Choose from Wakeups that feature audio tracks to inspire slow, morning stretches from the warmth of your covers, or upbeat ones to rouse you out of bed.

Feel the effects of waking up right with our unique features:

1. Calendar

Tracks your personal progress of your yoga/meditation goals

2. On-Boarding Quiz

Analyzes user information to recommend individualized suggestions

3. Tiered Pricing

Offers more subscription options to better serve you

4. Community Board

Presents inspirational blogs, recipes, personal stories from our teachers, and more

5. Bedtime Alarm Clock

Wakes you up to the sounds of your personally selected Wakeup audio track Discover a new wakeup routine designed by the world’s top yoga instructors and wellness warriors, and you'll never have to hit that snooze button again. Wake Up more peacefully with Yoga Wake Up


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