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George Grombacher is a Top 100 Investopedia Advisor

On October 27th, Investopedia announced the winners of their fourth annual 100 List of Most Influential Financial Advisors, and FitPro finance speaker George Grombacher is included on this list.

Grombacher, the owner of Financial Consulting Professionals in Phoenix, Arizona, is a 20-year finance industry veteran, podcaster, writer, and sought-after speaker who is working to help people lead happier and more contented lives. Grombacher has been with FitPros since April of this year.

Prior to his time with FitPros, Grombacher spent ten years with a Fortune 100 company as an advisor as well as in various leadership positions where he impacted thousands of people and developed training curriculums. He is the President of Financial Consulting Professionals, the Founder and Chief Community Officer of Money Alignment Academy, and the host of the popular Money Savage podcast. George is very honored to have been named to Investopedia's list of the Top 100 Most Influential Financial Advisors. In Grombacher’s personal life, he is the husband to Emilie and dad to James and Jack.

The 100 List award spotlights 100 of the country’s most engaged, influential, educational, and professional financial advisors. The list awards the top 100 financial advisors who demonstrate an ability to reach a diverse audience and provide the best support. This ability is “measured by the impact and quality of the advisor's published work, public appearances, online following, and commitment to financial literacy across diverse communities.” Peers can also nominate one another, so word of mouth and personal support plays a factor.

With the pandemic, consumers need financial support more than ever, and the top 100 list has all played a part in ensuring that this support is available. According to Investopedia Editor-in-Chief Caleb Silver, “2020 has proven the value of great financial advisors who have been able to help their clients navigate the volatility and uncertainty brought on by the global pandemic.” Silver also stated that “This year's Investopedia 100 have stepped up to that challenge, and the awardees represent advisors from all communities and backgrounds committed to spreading financial literacy and education.”

Grombacher’s contributions are very well-known and appreciated by the FitPros community. Grombacher offers twelve unique talks to FitPros clients. These talks include “Be Your Own CFO,” “Investing Bootcamp,” and “Tried and True Methods for Weathering Financial Uncertainty.” In addition to these talks, Grombacher also offers 1:1 financial coaching for employees who want to learn more about the basics of money management. This 1:1 coaching gives an individualized approach to personal finance and will leave your employees feeling empowered.

FitPros is very proud to have an achiever like Grombacher on our team!

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