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Holiday 2020 Bundled Up

Announcing FitPros Winter Bundles that are designed to make your corporate holiday party planning easy in 2020. You have enough to stress about this year with a pandemic and all. Let FitPros take the burden off your to-do list.

Aside from telling us which Bundle you choose, you’ll barely have to lift a finger. Choose which virtual class and items within the Care Package that will be most interesting to your employees. Then share with us the date and time of your virtual session, where to ship the Packages and we’ll do the rest!


Book a Winter Bundle and receive an additional 30-minute fitness class or meditation.

*offer expires end of day on 11/30. Requires a minimum purchase of 75 care packages.

Check out these Winter Bundles to choose from.

Each includes your choice of a virtual class paired with a home-delivered Care Package!

Cooking Class Bundle

The weather outside may be frightful, but these recipes will leave you feeling delightful in our virtual Cooking Class which is complimented with a Care Package that includes:

  • Apron

  • Bio-friendly Mug

  • Olive Oil

  • Snacks

Fitness Class Bundle

Tis the season to break out the ugly sweater and spandex in your choice of a virtual Fitness or Meditation Class which is complimented with a Care Package that includes:

  • Exercise Band

  • Towel or Bandana

  • Fitness Bottle

  • Snacks

Stress Relief Health Talk Bundle

Statistically the holidays are the most stressful time of the year. Encourage your team to join a Stress Management Health Talk complimented with a Care Package that includes:

  • Stress Ball

  • Journal

  • Aromatherapy Sleep Mask

  • Snacks

Art Therapy Workshop Bundle

Bring your team together for artistic fun and comic relief for an educational yet relaxing Art Therapy Workshop that's bundled with a Care Package that includes:

  • Colored Pencils

  • Sketch Pad

  • Candle

  • Snacks

Virtual Sessions Only Bundle

Sending a tangible gift not in the deck this year? We have a many engaging virtual sessions for which we can extend a bundled rate. For example, how do these sound?

  • Cooking Class

  • Fitness or Meditation

  • Health Talk or Challenge

Of course you can always choose virtual activities a la carte. Our holiday themed activities can be found here or check out the footer of our website for an easy directory. If you are digging the virtual class paired with a Care package, but you have some alterations in mind or want to mix and match we miiiight have some flexibility with the above bundles. :) Please inquire, it never hurts to ask!

Each virtual class named above can be 30, 45 or 60 minutes. Many of the items in the Care Packages can be branded with your company logo. Branding typically takes about 6 weeks from the day of payment until employees receive the Package. If you don’t need the items branded the turnaround time is around 4 weeks.

We include 3 snacks in each Care Package, but you’re welcome to add on more. Custom boxes that are branded with your company logo are a really nice add on touch. If you choose not to brand the box then they’ll arrive in a festive red or green box. You could always add a branded sticker to put on the outside (it’s cheaper then the branded box :).

Some of the companies we work with are adding extra time before and/ or after the virtual session to have an all-hands meeting. Some use this time for the leadership team to talk and some are using the time for an end of year awards ceremony.

FitPros can play music while people enter the session and put up slides that you share with us to present if you chose to use our Zoom account. We will also send you a calendar invitation that we recommend you share with your employees. Lastly, we can design marketing emails for you to announce your winter festivities. Inquire about our design rates.

Our intention with the Winter Bundles is to help you find an easy replacement for the end of year holiday party, yet still enable people to gather virtually and create memories.

Visit our Holiday webpage to learn more about all of the virtual activities to engage your employees this holiday season.

Ready to schedule time to talk to someone? Tell us more about your interests here!

Intrigued to learn how FitPros' celebrate the holiday season virtually?

Email or book time to speak with a Wellbeing Manager here.


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