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Host A Virtual Health Fair with FitPros

By Ashley Bramble

A health fair is an opportunity for employers to bring wellness vendors and resources to employees. However the pandemic has caused many employers to shift their employees to work remotely, ceasing onsite wellness activities. But employee wellness is more important now than ever, so finding ways to keep employees healthy, motivated, and engaged is essential.

A virtual health fair takes the physical experience digital, allowing employers to offer wellness services and activities online through live or on-demand recorded sessions that employees can participate in the comfort of their own homes. Employers can build a virtual health fair that offers a variety of programming, from fitness classes and mindfulness sessions to nutrition workshops or cooking demos, to sessions with medical carriers and additional employee benefit vendors.


Although the pandemic has changed the way wellness is presented to employees, the virtual health fair has many advantages, including time, convenience, creativity additional engagement.

Time: while onsite health fairs may be limited to one day onsite, a virtual health fair can expand to include additional days and activities. Many employers are expanding their health fair to wellness weeks or even over a month, allowing employees more opportunity to engage in activities.

Convenience: Convenience is a major factor, as it allows employees to participate in their own way, in their home, and on their own schedule. If participating means joining a Zoom link, it’s much more accessible to employees in all offices and more likely that even those with busy schedules or across time zones can join for a session or two. Employees can design their own schedule to participate in the options that interest them.

Engagement: Virtual health fairs also expand your outreach of wellness programs to all employees. Onsite health fairs may be limited to one or a few site locations, but a virtual health fair gives employers the opportunity to extend all these activities to employees across all sites.

Creativity: It is also an opportunity to branch out and offer unique programming with activities that you may not be able to offer in the onsite setting. FitPros offers a vast array of activities to engage your employees during a virtual health fair including:

  • Health talks with certified instructors with topics including, COVID-19 and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Social engagement activities that put a creative twist on wellness (Magic Show, Art Therapy, Comedy Show, Cooking Demos)

  • Family Activities to include the entire family in the wellness experience, with Puppet Shows, Story Time, and Family Yoga or Meditations

  • Philanthropic Activities to allow your employees to give back to the community

With fears of COVID-19, space constraints and remote employees, many employers are now hosting virtual health fairs (VHF). Having the right people to present information on the right topics is essential to a successful health fair event. FitPros can help organize a virtual health fair for your employees that brings your remote team together to learn, share, and celebrate health and wellbeing. A virtual health fair with Fitpros gives your employees access to fun, educational online sessions delivered by credentialed experts to build a culture of health and wellness, no matter where your staff is located. Mix and match a selection of physical fitness classes, social engagement activities, and educational talks to create a customized experience that supports your company’s wellness goals.

FitPros Virtual Health Fair Events:

  • Wellness Portal with On-Demand Content

  • One 60-Minute Fitness Class

  • One 60-Minute Health Talk

  • One 30-Minute Cooking Demo

  • One 30-Minute Meditation

  • 4-Hours of Vendor/Carrier Sessions

Whether it is one week or hosted throughout the month. Each virtual fair is real-time and live with an instructor virtually. Choose from a comprehensive list of topics that will bring your team together and engage them in wellness education. Our virtual health fairs also include facilitated sessions with your health benefits carrier, access to on-demand content and special offers from leading food, beverage, and fitness vendors.

Benefit Carrier Sessions: FitPros will help schedule benefit session and presentations with your carriers (up to four hours of sessions). Decide which benefit vendors (medical, dental, vision, financial wellness, EAP, etc.) you would like to present, duration of each session, as well as primary contacts, and FitPros will help coordinate and schedule these sessions.

Marketing: The key is offering variety and managing sign-ups for various sessions. If employees receive a personalized schedule with calendar invites for the sessions they signed up for, the likelihood of participation is higher. FitPros offers not only registration for all events, but additional marketing and communications to help promote your virtual health fair to employees, including a communication strategy, flyers and an on-demand portal for your employees.

Employee Wellness Portal: Make internal promotion of your virtual fair easy by providing a single online destination for employees to see your program calendar and quickly gain access to other great wellness resources. The Employee Wellness Portal includes a calendar of all events and registration, On-Demand Videos (recorded live sessions with additional content), additional wellness resources for employees, and vendor discounts and coupons.


We work with you to customize your virtual fair experience and offer several additional options for engaging with your team and driving open enrollment and benefits awareness. Include additional health talks and fitness classes to offer more activities for employees, offer health coaching to provide employees with 1:1 sessions with a trainer, or send care packages designed to promote holistic health and community engagement in this time of uncertainty and social distancing. Each shipment includes tools and resources needed for your teams to stay engaged and connected to their colleagues.


Chase Brexton Health Care – Benefits Specialist: “This was a great way to do Open Enrollment virtually in the time of a pandemic. It is absolutely worth recommending to other people.”

Leon County - Employee: “The virtual fair gives everyone freedom of flexible hours to fully benefit from all available activities & presentations at a time that works for one’s schedule. The live virtual sessions were informative, convenient & provided a safe way to participate while keeping with social distancing guidelines.”

Whether your planning a virtual health to accompany your open enrollment or looking to offer a wellness week to your employees, let FitPros help you plan and implement a unique experience for your employees.

Contact a Wellbeing Manager today to schedule your virtual health fair and learn about other offerings available.

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