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Importance of Providing Your Employees with Preventative Healthcare

By Taylor Moss

Chances are you have heard the term “preventative healthcare” before. But what does this make you think of? Doctors' visits, shots, and testing? It is true that all of these things are encompassed in preventative health efforts, however, these are examples of secondary prevention methods. Primary prevention methods, on the other hand, are defined as current, nonclinical life choices. The key point here is that they are primary, and if used properly can help us avoid getting to the secondary measures which I feel safe to say... are NO one’s favorite pastimes!

So what if I were to tell you that taking a walk is better medicine than getting a shot? Sounds a little drastic, but if the walking is implemented before the body can digress to the point that medical intervention is needed, then this is 100% better “medicine.” In fact, in 2000 the two leading causes of death following tobacco use were poor diet and physical inactivity. What this boils down to is that almost 34% of deaths in 2000 could have been avoided with primary prevention methods, like taking that daily walk.

Admittedly this is easier said than done and making the right lifestyle choice is difficult because especially if preventative health is your motivation the results are not seen for years, or in the best scenario never seen at all because you don’t end up sick! So clearly this is where the work comes in, and why we live in a country with the largest obese population. We know we should be exercising and eating better but how do we do this or teach your employees to do this? The answer is it takes time, dedication, and ultimately learning what tools to utilize to prevent sickness.

FitPros was designed with this exact goal in mind. It’s hard to find the time and resources to create a healthy lifestyle so FitPros brings this to the workplace!

Recall that two of the leading causes of death were being sedentary and making poor food choices. FitPros works to help fight these statistics by bringing fitness classes and healthy cooking classes and demos to your employees onsite so that not only can they stay healthier, but achieve higher productivity.

Preventive health no longer has to mean going to the doctor for screenings and tests, preventive health can be a daily activity, and you can provide this daily activity through FitPros, who can help you bring preventative health measures into the office!

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