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FitPros was established to bring fitness and health industry experts right to your office, providing turnkey wellness programs that engage and motivate employees.


Fad Diets, Food Myths, Sugar & Gluten, Oh My!

Keto, Vegan, Paleo. If you have a pulse, chances are you have heard one of these diets mentioned, or even tried one. But do you know which one is healthy for you and/or will help you lead your desired lifestyle? In this Health Talk a certified professional will help you deep dive into the science behind each and every trending diet you are curious about. You will also be given the opportunity to clarify what is fact, fiction and what will actually give you the realistic results you seek. 


Nutrition and Wellness Habits For Lifelong Health

Learn the biggest contributors of heart disease, while understanding how to build a sustainable nutrition-based foundation of healthy habits. In this Health Talk, participants will learn healthy dieting to attain and maintain cardiovascular strength; identify foods suited for stress, sleep, and physical and mental recovery; support health through takeaway actions and easy food swaps to start doing today; understand healthy fats, where to find them, and how to store them; and separate myth from diet and exercise science to strengthen and reduce risk of heart disease.


Hands-On Cooking Class

Can you stand the heat? Then get in the kitchen! This 60-minute hands-on healthy cooking class teaches you to tackle your health and nutrition goals while learning cooking techniques. Your team will learn how to cook a healthy meal and then reap the benefits of their hard work, by eating what they prepared. To finish it off, the chef will spark healthy meal prep discussion to leave you feeling more confident at the grocery store and creative in the kitchen.

Healthy Kitchen Cleanup

Let our nutrition Pro come to your office kitchen to take inventory and help organize the food options. Pairing foods is very important to maintaining energy. Rather than pairing the same macronutrient with another, switch it up and pair fats with carbohydrates, or proteins with carbohydrates.

Fit Pros looks at the foods currently offered in your office and creates sample meal menus employees can create on their own – letting employees know they are eating nutritionally balanced meals. Your Pro can offer recommendations on ordering healthy office snacks, and identify the foods with “natural energy boosters” already available in the kitchen.

Snack Food

Healthy Eating on a Budget: How to choose good vs bad sugars, carbs, and fats

One doesn't have to choose between eating healthy and living on a budget, you can do both. In this health talk attendees will explore tactics such as budgeting for groceries, buying seasonal produce, making and sticking to a grocery lists, shopping sales/securing discounts, repurposing leftovers, and more! Additionally, all participants will learn how often times processed foods (though they seem cheaper) cost us more in medical costs, medications, and reduced work capacity, than their healthier counterparts. Lastly, all attendees will leave with nutrition 101 information on sugars, carbs and fats, their effect on your body and how they can dictate your happiness, health and productivity.

Stressed Woman

The Diet - Stress Connection

Too busy or stressed to maintain a proper diet? Think again!! Proper nutrition plays a vital role in stress management. When our bodies are poorly fed, from irregular eating patterns or unbalanced diets, stress can take on an even greater toll to our health. Understand how nutrition and stress are linked and learn how to optimize your diet to reduce and manage stress, increase energy and stay at ease through your busy day. 

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The Diet - Sleep Connection

Recently we've seen an emergence of information  surrounding the impact of sleep duration and quality on food choice and consumption. While the surplus of information appears daunting to sift through, what's important to understand is that diet and sleep work hand in hand. During this health talk we'll dive into Sleep Simple tips to get a better night's rest through food and nutrients.

Inflammation and the Foods We Ingest

Inflammation is the root of all symptoms and all diseases. Symptoms like digestive issues, headaches, joint pain, fatigue, poor sleep, and snoring, all commonly get explained away as age-related, and their quick-fix for alleviation is usually medication. The reality is that most of these symptoms are from the food we eat. Participants will learn which foods could be dragging them and their energy levels down and will leave with simple tips and tricks for making lasting lifestyle changes.


Breaking Bad: What Motivates Your Choices?

Habits are hard to break, but not impossible. In this goal-oriented talk discover why we make certain choices (be it mindless office snacking or choosing to skip exercise after work), identify key motivators to encourage prepping and packing a healthy lunch, and begin to think twice about that fourth trip to the candy jar. Learn how to set yourself up for success with new habits that will actually last!


Chef-Led Cooking Demo

In this 60 minute live demo cooking class, whistle (aka salivate) while they work. Your entire staff can watch and engage with credentialed food professionals as they do what they do best, cook! And the best part is… enjoy samples and leave with printed copies of the recipe(s) you just learned.

This is a fantastic option for large groups and/or demographics who prefer to watch, learn, and sample yummy food. 

Friends in Fast Food Restaurant

Stress Eating and Fad Diets, What Does It All Mean?

Do you know what your diet (both planned or unplanned) is doing to your stress levels, energy, mood, and mental focus? In this discussion, participants will learn the cold hard truth about how their diet is either positively or negatively impacting their life and will walk away with a better understanding of which foods can help facilitate progress. Participants will identify actionable steps to create a sustainable, healthy realtionship with food; discover which foods achieve better sleep patterns, health, and balance; and learn which "trending diets" are actually effective (if any).

Natural Medicine

Meal Planning, Food Prepping, and Nutrition Labels

Whether you are cooking for yourself, or your entire family, meal planning and prepping is key when you are seeking to improve eating habits. Since stress can be constant and high-calorie foods are everywhere, it is important to take the time to plan ahead and to make sure you have healthy options available when your schedule doesn't permit time or energy to be committed to your food intake. Similarly, reading nutrition labels can help you limit the amount of fat, sugar, and cholesterol in your diet, and can make it easier to compare food items and make smarter choices. In this health talk, attendees will learn the keys to meal planning and prepping, as well as how to read and what to look out for on nutrition labels. Every participant will walk away empowered with enough information to get started on meal planning/prepping and how to read nutrition labels to support their efforts.

Diet Plan

Brain Hacking with Nutrition

A proper diet stretches beyond physical results. With the right nutrition you can uncover a surplus of mental benefits too. Find out how to optimize your brain function to concentrate longer, increase your attention span, focus and alertness through diet and nutrition.

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Top 5 Nutrition Myths Debunked

Is cholesterol good for you? Do calories really matter? Personal health is an area flooded with false, information making it difficult to distinguish fact from fib. Whether it's diet fads or exercise alternatives, it's inevitable to come across some questionable tips here and there. During this health talk we'll set the record straight as we debunk some of nutrition's greatest myths and the truth behind them.

Making Mindful Food Choices While
Managing Stress

Do you know what your diet (both planned or unplanned) is doing to your stress levels, energy, mood, and mental focus? In this discussion you will learn the cold hard truth about how your diet is either positively or negatively impacting your life. Walk away with a better understanding of which foods can help you achieve progress, and which "trending diets" are actually effective (if any). Come find out.

Healthy Food

Easy Yet Healthy Meal Prep for the Busy Body

A busy schedule is one of the top reasons why people turn to quick, and usually calorie-ridden meals. In this Health Talk learn how to pre select nutritious items in the grocery store, that can be used to easily prep grab- and-go snacks, healthy lunches and easy after work meals. You will leave armed with tips and tricks that will empower you to take control of your busy life.


Nutritionist Tabling

Bring in one of our credentialed Nutritionist to table in your office or at your next Fair to allow employees to stop by at their convenience for inspiring cooking demos highlighting busy people-friendly food skills, tips, and recipes. We feature affordable, seasonal foods. Enjoy a tasty sample and take a recipe to try it at home!


Nutritionist Consultation

1:1 Consultations with nutritionists can sometimes be the most effective way for your employees to learn tools that will help them identify and achieve self-determined wellbeing goals. In this offering, YOU determine how much information you want each staff member to digest (see what we did), by having complete freedom to determine how many total hours you would like a FitPros nutritionist onsite, and with each employee.

Good Grades

Improving Your Kids' Grades With Strategic Nutrition

Open your eyes to the pivotal role nutrition plays in the academic development and performance for your kids. Parents only want the best for their kids and this presentation is jam-packed with important new information you need to know about nutrition and supplements for optimal mental fitness for your children.

Fruit Shake

Juicing vs. Smoothies for Health

The juice and smoothie industry has taken the United States by storm leaving many of us wondering, what are the benefits of juicing vs. smoothies? Unfortunately, the answer isn't as simple as one or the other. Whether you’re venturing over to trendy juice bars or making your own fruity concoctions at home, it’s important that you understand the benefits and implications of what you're putting in your body. This health talk will help you find out which will benefit you the most and the pros and cons to each.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Healthy Holiday Cooking & Mindful Indulging

As the holidays approach, the sweets, treats and festivities are abundant. How can you enjoy the holidays and take care of your health at the same time? Come learn how to cook for the holidays with delicious ingredient swaps and new recipes that everyone will love. We'll also explore mindful eating and how it is possible to indulge in some special holiday treats while still feeling good and taking care of yourself!

Eating Apple

Fully Embracing You: Improving Your Relationship to Self & Food

For many people self-acceptance is hard to come by even on our best days. We are constantly bombarded with unrealistic, often photo-shopped images on TV or social media telling us how we should look or act. We spend years being the voice within that compares or critiques bits of ourselves, both physically and mentally, which may lead to poor self image, depression, social anxiety, and also impact our relationship with food. We may find ourselves trapped in a judging-guilt-eat cycle that leaves you feeling helpless. However, it is not until we accept others and ourselves that we can have a healthy relationship with food. The aim of this session is to explore ways society and other factors shape perceptions of ourselves and others, learn to implement cognitive-behavioral strategies to practice self-acceptance daily, and psycho-education on mindful and intuitive eating patterns to improve your relationship with food.  


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