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Let's get your team on their way to wellbeing.

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NEW App-Based Wellness Challenge to Motivate Healthy Habits

You asked - We Delivered!

Our clients were looking for an app-based wellness challenge, so we added an exciting new program to our suite of services - FitPros Racery Challenge offers you the opportunity to create a custom challenge for your employees to motivate them to fit in fitness and other healthy habits on an app!

Choose from a 1-week, 2 week or 1-month challenge for them to compete against one another virtually as they watch their avatar move through US or global destinations as they log their activity. Stick to offering fitness options OR you can customize to include activities like drinking water, watching a financial wellness video, meditating or scheduling a wellness exam. Select individual or team challenges where participants can see a leaderboard and nudge each other along the way with a chat function for some fun competition.

Does this interest you?

Email or book time here for us to work with you on designing a challenge your employees will love!


FitPros offers a variety of wellbeing activities to help employees meet their health and fitness goals, including nutrition health talks, cooking demos, and more! Email or book time to speak with a Wellbeing Manager here to start planning your activities today!

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