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Promoting and Celebrating Black Excellence Campaign Company Spotlight: City of Sunnyvale

By Ashley Bramble

During the Promoting and Celebrating Black Excellence Campaign, FitPros highlights the City of Sunnyvale and their efforts and initiatives to foster Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. See the strategies they developed and the steps they are taking to meet the needs of all community members regardless of race, religion, ancestry, ethnicity, ability, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity.

The City immediately took action to make sure by providing seminar classes that highlight diversity, equity and inclusion including:

  • Diversity and Social Justice: A Starting Place

  • Unconscious Bias

  • Addressing Mental Health in the Workplace: DEIB

  • Helping Others to Become and Ally and How to Be an Effective Ally (Upcoming)

  • Fact Based Methods for Fostering Healthy Relationships (Upcoming)

The City is also honoring and celebrating Black History Month by promoting the month-long celebration in their monthly calendar, as well as planning activities for Black History Month including a trivia event related to Black history facts.

The City has also launched a Cultural Inclusion Study that will allow them to explore strategies to promote cultural inclusion in programs and services, identify best practices, and address any gaps in policy and/or service delivery to better meet the needs of our diverse community. This study will assess:

  • Current Policies

  • Communications and Outreach

  • Programming and Resources

  • Representation on City Boards and Commissions

Sunnyvale Unity was launched and represents the City’s commitment to creating a culture of belonging where all members of our diverse community feel included, heard, and respected.

  • 5 sessions were held including a roundtable with Public Safety, LGBTQ Community dialogue, and dialogue with the youth focused on a partnership between Sunnyvale schools and the Department of Public Safety

  • Public Safety Accountability- questions from community members were answered and made available on the City website.

In addition, a new webpage was launched the City website: Diversity and Inclusion that includes information about the City's initiatives, resources, programs, and contacts. The City also appointed a Diversity and Inclusion Liaison, who helps to develop and maintain an open, trusting relationship with the Sunnyvale Community.

The City of Sunnyvale takes pride in the incredible diversity of people who form the rich fabric of their city. Their initiatives are just beginning and the mindset to continue building on this momentum with much more to come for 2021 and beyond.


We at FitPros are committed to equity for all and stand in solidarity with the Black community, including our clients, their employees, partners, teachers, speakers, and broader network. In celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day in January and February's Black History Month, we are excited to highlight our Black Wellness Experts and Black Business Partners. Follow the Celebrating and Promoting Black Excellence Campaign on LinkedIn and Instagram!

To learn more about FitPros Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion offerings visit or contact a Wellbeing Manager to get started!


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