Recovery Record: Eating Disorder Support

Mental health comes first.

The road to recovery is never easy. The journey towards recovery from an eating disorder is riddled with roadblocks and struggle, but ultimately happiness and victories with support. Recovery Record is a valuable tool, shall someone need your support on their journey.

Recovery Record is a life changing app.

Created and developed by an inspiring young woman, this app caters to anyone battling an eating disorder, transforming the way that eating disorder care is administered.

1. 'Recovery On the Go'

The app allows users to self-monitor their progress and feelings. Users can track their thoughts, feelings, meals, and more to create a better understanding of personal day to day progress.

In many cases, progress goes unnoticed because as humans, we are constantly aware of how we are feeling. Accurate hindsight about our feelings is hard to grasp unless we are recording how we feel every day.

2. Doctor to Patient Connection

Not only does this app create an experience that enables personal ‘recovery on the go’, it can link to your clinician so the connection between doctor to patient is that much stronger. Creating that link between the doctor and patient with day to day updates makes the process of administering treatment and creating a more accurate plan that much more attainable.

Recovery is about changing and rebuilding the trust that you have with yourself. This process should be filled with constant support, understanding, and care. Recovery Road is here to help, and will continue to change the lives of many.

Disordered eating and mental health should never be overlooked. Take care of those who are close to you, because we all need help at times, even if we don’t have the confidence to reach out ourselves.

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