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Remote Worker Care Packages: Health & Happiness Dropped On Their Doorstep

By Caitlin Ackerman

With U.S. administrative guidelines on social distancing and “shelter in place” being extended until April 30th (at minimum)– we all are continuing to settle into a new normal. Employees, some who may never have worked from home before, are missing the workplace perks (that probably feel like a distant memory at this point). Coffee meetings, kombucha happy hours, catered lunches, travel, per diem, volunteer time off, and not to mention the social components of the workplace like, popping over to their colleague’s desk, gathering around the water cooler and/or working in communal spaces have all been stripped from them. Additionally, new hires are being onboarded into a completely different situation than they originally agreed to.

Many Human Resources personnel, People Operation teams, benefits consultants, and business leaders are racking their brains for ways to ensure their employees are not only able to stay motivated and productive during this time, but also engaged and mentally healthy, and they aren't wrong to do so.

Employee wellbeing should remain high on the priority list, as many employees are struggling to adjustment to work from home life and their work is being compromised because of this. Whether your employees hate doing in-home workouts, are so stressed that they are experiencing insomnia and/or feeling unprepared for nutritious, in-home meal prep, or how to cope with loneliness there is one thing we all have in common. No one is escaping stress. However, the key is to acknowledge that we are all going through a period of adjustment and difficulty, but it is not forever! Therefore, let's take this extra time we are always looking for and make the most of it!

I don't know about you all but when someone I care about is going through a difficult time, I usually send them a card or a gift, perhaps connect with them on the phone or pay them a visit. Because many of us do not have the luxury of doing the last option, we must heavily rely on the first two. Which is why FitPros came up with our remote worker care packages!

For over 70 years care packages have been used to provide supplies to people with specific needs. Military heroes in combat, children at summer camp, students in college, healthcare professionals in need of supplies – they all received and continue to receive packages that are specifically tailored to meet their needs and that will help them survive their current situation.

What if YOU, Business Leaders, could send something directly from your company that not only addresses people's thoughts, feelings, and challenges, but also brings them together in a virtual way so they may connect in this time of social distancing? If you are thinking “sounds amazing, but, that would be a lot of work and I just don’t have the time to create that experience for my employees right now,” you’d be absolutely correct. It is a lot of work (trust us we know) but as always FitPros is here to take the work off your plate.

Our Remote Worker Care Packages were strategically created to provide a holistic experience for your employees. Each week a package will arrive directly on the doorstep of each employee and have within it tangible items, tip sheets, access to on-demand and live webinars, and a variety of surprise and delights!

The variety of offline and online activities are guaranteed to address the many different needs of your demographic. For example, some employees may utilize the materials for a family bonding activity, others may utilize the supplies for free expression in their studio apartment – but the beauty in all of this is that a virtual community will be created for your employees so they feel empowered to come together to learn as one, share in safe space, and laugh. Which is much needed right now! From mini-paint and canvas sets paired with an employee led show and tell, to live finance webinars focused on how to navigate these trying times – these packages are addressing all aspects of wellbeing and you don't want your employees to miss out.

Traditionally, FitPros is an onsite health and wellness company who delivers programs to large groups of employees or tenants. Like many of you, when the storm started brewing, so did our creative brains. Many business leaders came to us and asked “How can we support our employees now that they aren't in the office?” or “Some of our benefits are on hold, but we still want to do something.” Which is why we pivoted and created these care packages that are great drivers for reinforcing company culture, onboarding new hires and team collaboration. Elevate your companies virtual community, engage your teams, and help them find a silver lining with the weekly delivery of a simple Remote Working Care Packages or host a Live Fitness Class, Meditation, Customized Health Talk, and/or 1:1 Wellness Coaching session all you need to do is reach out to your wellbeing manager and anything is possible.

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