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Celebrate the Skin You're In!

Can you picture this?

Your morning scroll through the selfies and the status updates on your way to and from work, 160-character affirmations scrolling through your mind telling you to take care of you as you’re taking care of everyone else in your life, the “thinspo” images that push you to get in the one extra sprint or lift in before you have to dash off to the next meeting, next soiree, next something.

What if you were able to finally practice that self-care you owe to yourself that keeps getting put off until next month? What if your 2018 resolutions involve looking as good as you feel?

Since opening in 2003, SkinSpirit has become one of the top destinations for aesthetic skin and body care in the country and has multiple locations in California and Washington. The vision of SkinSpirit is to bring together the best of both worlds: cutting-edge products and services provided in a luxurious spa-like setting. We believe we have succeeded in creating that place for you.

We offer personal attention, sincere answers and a calm environment that will always keep you at ease. To complement our services, we curate the best in cosmeceutical products to provide our clients with proven home care regimens that get lasting results. All products are used extensively by our team of experts before we bring them to you.

Well known for honesty and expertise, our talented staff members are recognized as leaders and experts in the most effective skin care treatments for the face and body.

For your benefit, our expert team is led by Dr. Michael Dean Vistnes and Dr. Richard Baxter, who provide ongoing training in the newest techniques, ensuring you always receive the very best care and results.

At SkinSpirit, we love the science behind our services—and you’ll love the results.

When it comes to refreshing your appearance, we listen, care and respond to your individual needs—and will always tell you what’s in your best interest. After receiving thousands of real-life testimonials, we’re more than convinced that this honest and realistic approach leads to happy clients.

Make mention of this blog post at our San Francisco clinic location when booking a complimentary consultation, and we will honor your first Vitamin B12 shot on us.

SkinSpirit is a vendor partner of Fit Pros and has attended a variety of Health & Fitness Fairs. Check out Fit Pros Health & Fitness Fairs here.


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