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Skip the Gym, Workout On-site

Exercise is an ever-evolving necessity for sustained physical and mental health. It is also contingent on novel ways to sustain our motivation. Manual labor was a necessary key for human survival and physical fitness. Technology has shifted this method of exercise and gyms took over as the accessible antidote for sedentary office workers. Having a gym membership, however, does not guarantee a fit outcome; gym commitments typically wane due to poor training, boredom, and zero accountability. Exercising alone is ideal for some, but the average person is not properly trained and would benefit from guided workouts. Sharing this group experience with coworkers in the workplace builds camaraderie, saves time and money, and fosters individualized guidance and safety.

Getting along with your fellow coworkers is a necessary incentive to keep a business running smoothly and efficiently. It is also the most natural and human desire because for most of us, workers want to not only be part of a team, but truly feel they are. Whether that means including everyone in team outings or scheduling weekly team workouts, camaraderie makes everyone feel valued and appreciated. Exercising with your work team may deepen existing relationships or establish new ones. Undergoing an activity with someone allows you to see a person’s traits instantly, and with coworkers, you get to see a different side of them. It can change the way you initially perceived your coworkers, and may impart a sense of empathy for them. Hard-earned workout sessions on-site calms the one sided work-brain and creates an employee solidarity usually associated with completing career tasks.

Exercising at work is convenient for saving money and time. Utilizing health benefits that include workout classes saves money that would be otherwise be spent at outside fitness facilities. Health benefits should target an employee’s mental, physical, and fitness health--not just daily checkups and emergency ailments. Time is such a fleeting factor in life and setting time aside to exercise can be difficult especially with a tight work/life schedule. Family time or quality time with yourself is important for overall well-being and incorporating workouts at work eliminates the rush from work to gym to home.

Another benefit for on-site workouts is that a workout led by a professional enables a safer exercise session. What is truly experienced is a full workout: one that incorporates a warm-up, exercises and movements that follow trained techniques that ensure proper alignment and form, and lastly, a cool-down and stretching phase. This guarantees effective physical results and will teach you how to emulate safe movements, and likely save your back!

Research into your company’s benefits and see how a health provider can change the way you see fitness at work. The encouraging benefit overall is how it raises job performance because if you are motivated from working out, you’ll be motivated in all aspects of your life, and that includes the office.


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