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Take the 12 Days of Fitness Challenge!

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Get in the holiday spirit with the 12 Days of Fitness Challenge!

The holiday season can get busy with decorating, shopping, baking, and events. Stay active during the holidays with the 12 Days of Fitness Challenge! We’ve taken inspiration from the 12 Days of Christmas song to give you a workout that will make you sweat. Instead of singing about five golden rings and a partridge in a pear tree, you’ll perform planks, push-ups, and jumps to get you moving this holiday season! Complete each exercise before Christmas as a way to stay healthy during the holidays – and some challenges might even help spread your holiday cheer! This workout can be completed anywhere with no equipment, so put on your favorite holiday music and get ready to work!


Complete this workout in a ladder series - just like the classic holiday tune (add the corresponding exercise for that day along with the previous days’ exercises). You can add these into your workout every day leading up to Christmas or complete all the exercises in one day for a total body burn!

Remember to add a proper warm-up before you get started and a cool-down at the end - then sit back and relax!

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