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Too busy to relax? Think again with YogaVibes

Rachel Glibbery, YogaVibes Livestream Director and RYT500

How often do you give yourself permission to relax? In the chaos of daily life, it’s easy to sacrifice relaxation time for the sake of productivity. If you go to the gym in the morning then work all day, sometimes the last thing you want to do is drive to a studio to take a yoga class or meditate.

Quiet, mindful time with ourselves is critical to our mental and physical well-being. There are countless studies that prove the benefits of yoga and meditation but even armed with that knowledge, making the time you spend on yourself a priority can be difficult.

But it doesn’t have to be.

With YogaVibes, you have control over your time. YogaVibes has an on-demand library of over 1500 classes and a live stream schedule that includes a variety of styles and teachers.

Sound overwhelming? We understand. There are many different styles of yoga, and sometimes it can be hard to determine which class to take. Use this guide to help choose the type of practice that is best for you.

Beginner Yoga

Try the Yoga 101 series with Sarah Keely. This yoga basics series of 5 classes will help you break down the key poses of a typical vinyasa class. You can also navigate to the beginner’s class library here!

Interested in live stream classes instead? Try Yoga Basics on Saturday mornings at 8 am with Shannon, or try Lydia’s Stretch and Flow class on Wednesdays at 9 am.

Powerful Yoga Practice

Looking for a challenge? Ready to sweat? Rolf Gates is our go-to for power yoga. Check out his power yoga series on-demand. This series of 21 classes will challenge you in new, exciting ways!

For live stream, try Rolf’s vinyasa flow classes on Sunday at 12 pm EST and Tuesday and Thursday at 11 am EST.

Early Bird Yoga

YogaVibes has classes Monday-Friday at 7:30 am EST. Join Brittany Monday-Thursday for 45 minutes of slow flow, then finish your week with an hour of power on Fridays with Rachel.

Yoga for Stress Relief

Feeling stressed? You are one yoga class away from a better mood! We have yoga classes that are specifically tailored to benefit your mental health. Check out our library of classes for stress relief and anxiety.

If you need a live class experience, check out Deep Stretch and Meditate with Rachel on Tuesdays and Anna on Sundays, both at 6 pm EST. Restore and Meditate with Rachel on Thursdays at 6 pm EST is a great option as well!

Short on Time

Navigate to the on-demand library, select Life Stages, and from there, you can choose the length of your practice!

Need a quick, live class? Try a live 45-minute flow with Grace on Mondays and Fridays at 12 pm EST.

Give yourself permission to relax. No matter what you need, YogaVibes has you covered. The best part about YogaVibes is that YOU control when you practice. Explore the library and choose the style and length that suits you best. The options are almost endless!

We’d love to practice with you soon! Visit our website for a free 15 day trial to access on-demand and live-stream classes. If you fall in love like we think you will, use code FITPROS for 25% off any YogaVibes subscription.


FitPros offers a variety of activities for stress management and mental health for your employees. Contact FitPros today for more information on how to diversify your company’s wellbeing offerings to help employees meet their health and fitness goals.

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