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Let's get your team on their way to wellbeing.

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Use Wellness Dollars to Purchase your virtual or onsite fair and receive $400 off!

FitPros is an approved wellness dollar vendor. Put your funds to good use this Open Enrollment Season to ensure your employees are getting access to their benefits information and overall wellness support!

Included in a virtual fair is 1 hour live health talk, 1 hour live fitness class, 30 minute live meditation, 2 hours of live carrier presentations for employees, a live cooking demo and access to the employee portal

Book time with a Wellbeing Manager today to receive a portal and fair demo or email

Want to customize your event? Add social engagement activities to your wellness fair to engage and entertain your entire population and their families!

Want to learn more about FitPros or how to submit a blog?

Contact FitPros

email: or call: (815) 348-7767


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