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Women's History Month: Chelsea Kirby

By: Chelsea Kirby

Thank you so much for taking the time to digitally engage with me & learn about my debut experiential album. I'm a singer-songwriter, electronic music producer, sound healer, & embodied movement guide in the SF Bay area. My upcoming album will be an experience of music w/ poetry, earth prayers, & meditations interwoven.

It’s a bit unbelievable that current statistics show that women make-up only 30% of musicians and only 6% of women are producers in the industry.* Let's change this together!

This album is intended to inspire all of us to celebrate the feminine energy that is waking us up to see our planetary destruction but also our innate ability to heal, it is a call to get more in touch with our expression, our sensuality, and in turn the earth. Together we support the rise of the feminine.

My name, “Arula” means offering/alms/gift.

I chose this name to continually remind myself that I am merely a channel for music to move through me, that I bare a responsibility to make art that is from the heart, honest, relatable, enchanting. I think music is a sacred expression of a universal language that empowers & unites people, an alluring & potent elixir; I feel it running through my veins, calling upon me to continually create & express- to integrate my shadows, share my truth & perspective, to be vulnerable, courageous, and to hold space for the expression of others.

Truly we each carry a gift, medicine that is unique to us & crucial for our collective healing, and we each have a responsibility to share it.

THAT is why we are here.

My hope is that this album inspires and activates you to share your gifts, embrace your worth, honor our planet, and remember you are a unique & necessary thread in this cosmic fabric.

Contributions & Gifts

The life of an artist is not always financially rewarding (at least at first anyway,) however over the past few years I have been following my heart & learning to trust in myself and my art, and that has truly been a beautifully rewarding experience. In doing so, I have seen a significant shift in my music career. It has required that I work harder than ever before to expense musical gear and studio time out of pocket which isn't sustainable at this point in my career. Which is why I am asking for your support.

Your contributions & gifts will go toward the cost of production, mixing & mastering, and paying talented instrumentalists. Essentially, the 12,000 dollars I am asking my amazing community for will give me the opportunity to make a QUANTUM leap in my career... so thank you in advance for your generosity and your heart-felt contribution!! I'm beyond excited to be able to hire some of the producers & instrumentalists I've been dreaming of working with!

Essence & Concept

The songs that have been coming through and I am working on for this album are deeply tied to the times we’re living in; they are speaking and in conversation with sacred sensuality, our stewardship of the earth, the evolution of our creative consciousness, and the new paradigm we are shifting into.

This album is a journey, a prayer, an activation, a story...about all of US - the unique inhabitants of planet earth who are remembering their true power lies in their co-creativity, their ability to remain open & compassionate, in their unity. A story of a civilization who returns to the richness of their essence through song, and movement, and connection.


Since I was a wee child I've been writing songs, (even forcing my siblings to help me make music videos, lol but seriously though) ...even then I wanted to be a musician. This has always been my dream. Society does not always support our visions and our dreams, and because of this we sometimes find ourselves on a path that is carved more out of fear than out of passion, or love.

For a long time I strayed from music because I had been conditioned to believe that music was a hobby and not a career. The past few years I have been working to release this programming and following my true bliss; to truly listen to my inner guidance & knowing that this is what I am meant to do. And from this place, I hope to inspire others to live more fearlessly and to share their art with the world.

Other Ways You Can Support

There are so many ways to support my art besides donating! If you’re unable to donate but feel aligned with my music and mission please share this campaign with others, listen to & share my music, or follow me on social media... every bit counts; thank you!

Deep Bows

Many thanks for taking the time to listen, thank you for your support, and thank you for all you do in the world. Together, I know we can make amazing waves on this planet and activate more of our innate magic!


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