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Workplace Wellness That Works

by Laura Putnam

During this unprecedented time, many of us are finding ourselves in an existential state – asking big questions related to our mortality, our purpose, and what this all means. Where do we go from here? How do we keep hope? A book club can be a great way to sustain hope, enrich the employee experience, and boost well-being. It can also be a great activity for wellness champions.

If there’s anything we’ve learned from COVID-19, it is that our health and well-being matter a lot. The question is: What can we do about it? Considering that the workplace and the team we’re on (even if it’s become a virtual one) is where we spend most of our time, why not leverage this infrastructure to help ourselves survive - and even thrive - in this challenging time?

Sometimes, resources that are made available to employees are not used to their fullest extent. A study found that 80% of eligible employees are choosing NOT to participate in said wellness programs, and that stress, anxiety and other mental health issues are on the rise as a result of employees not utilizing these programs. That being said, there are plenty of new and innovative ways to encourage employees to take advantage of wellness programs. These are all highlighted in the book.

Workplace Wellness That Works provides a template to start a movement of well-being for every organization, every team, and every employee. The book has been used around the world in places like India and has been used as a guide for creating workplace wellness that works by organizations like Quicken Loans in framing up their wellness initiative, wellness champions like the ones at District 49 in Colorado, and book clubs like the IT department at UCLA, as well as by graduate school programs like University of Wisconsin’s Health & Wellness Management Program.

Book clubs are very easy to start, and there are a plethora of workplace-related book options for your company to enjoy. Try to use open-ended and personal questions to keep employees engaged! With bulk orders of 10 or more copies of the book, Laura is happy to provide a complimentary webinar for the book club, along with a complimentary workbook (which includes discussion questions).

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