As a former corporate Marketing Director, FitPros Founder, Lindsay (Bailey) Johnson has over a decade of experience building events and integrated campaigns, with a focus on retention to drive revenue. Similar to many people in the workforce, Lindsay hit a wall in her career. She was burnt-out from the unhealthy long-hours, eating lunch at her desk, then unconsciously snacking throughout the day. She felt a sense of guilt to step away from the office to workout. As a result, she left the comforts of a steady job, and set-out on an unknown journey to find health and happiness.

Lindsay’s personal weight-loss of 45+ pounds ignited her drive to become a nationally certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach in January 2014. Recognizing the importance to connect the body and mind, she traveled to India for a 5-week intensive Yoga Teacher Training. Fascinated by the science of food and exercise to nourish the body, Lindsay strictly trained for 12-weeks with a loss of 11% body-fat and 18 pounds, prior to competing in her first bikini fitness competition in June, 2015.

Following her Mother’s footsteps, Lindsay dreamt of owning a successful business. Little did she know her corporate career and more recent fitness passion would collide. Lindsay was referred by a former colleague to teach yoga at their workplace. Word spread, and Lindsay’s teaching gigs became so plentiful that she had to pass along classes to her teacher friends. Struck by a memory of a hodgepodge pedometer challenge at a past job, Lindsay tied it all together to identify a need and business opportunity for holistic fitness and health in the workplace. 

Launched in January 2016, FitPros was formed to motivate health and happiness through physical movement and mindful education where people spend the most time – at work! FitPros will step in to support your company retain and recruit high caliber employees, while positively impacting your bottom line savings through wellness programs at your location.  

After spending 10 years at Apple as a product marketer, Andrew went on to found his second technology startup, Wheelwell, Inc., which is changing the way people discover and purchase automotive products. Having worn many hats from product development to venture capital fund raising, he’s learned the best way to provide customer value is through disciplined focus of your core product, to always stay in touch with your customer’s pain points, and to use technology to find the simplest solution to complex problems. Andrew serves Fit Pros by advising on technology partnerships, providing operational guidance, and supporting financial planning. He gets his fitness fix cycling and being an avid snowboarder. 

Brianna Yappert is a native of the Central Coast of California, and received her Bachelor’s degree in Business from Cal State University, Monterey Bay. She has over 17 years of experience in her field, with a strong background in Accounting and Finance. She has worked with companies of all sizes, from start-ups and small local businesses, to non-profits, and a multi-billion-dollar S&P 400 company. In 2019 she started her own independent firm, which feeds her passion for this career by allowing her to work with diverse organizations spanning many industries. Brianna is married with two children, and in her free time she enjoys being with her family and staying active through bike rides, kickboxing, and volleyball.

Tatum Souza returned to the Bay Area when she retired from collegiate and semi-professional athletics. During Undergrad at UCLA she obtained her B.A. in Sociology and while running Track & Field abroad, she got her masters degree in marketing at the University of Nottingham England. Tatum attributes her understanding and passion for healthy and happy living to her athletic career and she intends on using her education to make the holistic lifestyle FitPros offers easily accessible to all.

Jasmine Manalo is a Los Angeles native who received her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Education from San Francisco State University, where she has been working in health outreach, marketing, and communication since. Her passion for holistic health has led her to live a health conscious lifestyle and help those who want to do the same. In the future, she hopes to continue public health work that empowers and advocates for populations whose health is affected by the social injustices of our society. In her free time, you’ll most likely find her in a coffee shop, at the beach, working out, eating sushi, or outdoors with her dog.

Caitlin Ackerman is an East Coast native, who recently relocated to the Bay Area after receiving her Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in International Development.  Retired from Division II Women’s Basketball and a prior career in social work, Caitlin is passionate about helping people and their families exceed their potential and lead healthier, happier lives. It is her professional and personal goal to empower and advocate for those whose health is affected by social, economic, and climatic injustices. In her free time, you will most likely find her exploring local events, working out, at the beach, or spending time with family.

Nic Faurot is a Bay Area native, born in Los Altos and recent UC Davis Alumni with a Bachelors of Science in Cognitive Science and a minor in Communications. Nic's passion for design stemmed from his design work with several on campus organizations. In his free time, he enjoys skating, snowboarding, photography and video editing. When he’s not at all you can eat sushi, you'll most likely find him traveling with his family and friends.

Ashley Bramble is from the Pittsburgh, PA area and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from Slippery Rock University and a Master’s Degree in Health and Physical Activity from the University of Pittsburgh. She is a health and wellness professional with over ten years of experience in the health and wellness field as a health coach and health promotion specialist.  She was an onsite health coach for five years at UPMC, coaching employees to make healthy lifestyle changes.  In addition to working the frontline as a health coach, she has also worked as a health promotion specialist working with companies to increase employee engagement and improve employee wellness by developing and implementing new lifestyle programs and resources.  Health and wellness is a way of life for Ashley, and she practices what she preaches.  She not only is an avid runner, but also teaches group fitness classes including Zumba and Kickboxing.

Madison is a recent graduate of UCSB with a BA in Sociology. She is very interested in marketing and hopes to find her future career in this field, so what better opportunity is there than to intern for FitPros? She is a passionate and dedicated member of any organization she is a part of. When she’s not interning, you might find her taking photos, binge watching Survivor, podcasting or looking for ways to give back to her community! 

Jillian, a Northern California native, has been involved with health, wellness and fitness majority of her life! While acquiring her degree in Kinesiology from CSU Chico, she also attended massage school. Upon graduation, Jillian spent 5 years managing teams and coordinating philanthropic events within the corporate banking world. After deciding to move back toward her fitness roots, she began working in the rehab setting. She trained one-on-one, taught small group and larger boot camp style classes, directed the department of group fitness both within the facility and for community outreach events. 

During this time, she founded and directed the Santa Cruz River Run 5k/10k two years running. Her next step took her to San Francisco where she began as a trainer at Equinox. She quickly advanced to through the tier system and began assisting the development of newer trainers. After gaining some experience in luxury fitness sales, she decided to expand by bringing health, wellness and fitness to as many as possible with Fit Pros on Location!

Heather Arora is the founder of Purple She built and has been running the company for the past 5.5 years. Just recently she decided to transition her focus to advisory and consultancy work. She is currently providing mentorship, strategic guidance and business support to many early stage food companies in the Bay Area. Some of the companies Purple Plant served were: Square, Lending Club, Old Navy, University of San Francisco and Skype.

Kyle is a Bay Area native, growing up in Albany, CA.  She has been involved in team sports her entire life and makes it a point to stay active and healthy as much as possible.


She is an avid runner and just finished her second Spartan Race. Corporate wellness is is a passion of hers, and enjoys working for Fit Pros to promote wellness within her community. 

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