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Let's get your team on their way to wellbeing.

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August Holiday and Observance Sessions

In August, as we honor National Wellness Month, International Youth Day (August 12th), and National Relaxation Day (August 15th), we, as a dedicated company devoted to fostering holistic wellbeing and cultivating a supportive work environment, recognize the paramount importance of self-care and the rejuvenation of mind, body, and spirit. This month, we are thrilled to present our array of specialized services tailored specifically to align with the essence of these significant occasions. From invigorating wellness programs and engaging activities promoting youth empowerment within the workplace to soothing workshops and resources aimed at achieving relaxation and balance, our aim is to ensure the overall wellness and fulfillment of your entire corporate team. Join us on this transformative journey as we explore the vitality of self-care and celebrate the values that lie at the heart of National Wellness Month, International Youth Day, and National Relaxation Day.

To honor National Wellness month and National Relaxation Day (August 15th):

How to Improve Financial Wellness l Feeling good about personal finance is all about taking control, organizing spending, and having clear goals. Not only that, you need a plan in place to work towards and achieve these goals. In this health talk session, we'll launch into setting financial goals and creating a strategy to pursue them. Attendees will first assess their current financial standing and learn the basics of personal finance from retirement funds to managing daily expenses. Participants will rethink and redefine their relationship with money and what financial wellness means on a personal level.

Wellness Habits and Control l Fitness, mindfulness, mental health—where do these spheres overlap and where are they separate? For clarity, wellness is made up of our mental, physical, social, and emotional habits. How do we make these habits stick and achieve our wellbeing goals? In this 1:1 service session, you will meet with a wellness coach to help you identify habit changes to achieve the desired result. Our wellness Pro will arm you with the tools you need to control your life, empowering you to make those changes that propel you toward a better you.

Wellbeing Health Fair l An Onsite Health Fair is a wellbeing party where employees learn about their company's benefits, meet local and national vendors, and participate in health-related activities. Health fairs include a live DJ, a snack table, a chair masseuse, and raffle prizes.

Decluttering and Mental Wellbeing l It’s not easy decluttering our homes, especially when it means giving away sentimental items like a cherished stuffed toy from childhood or a box of old diaries. Luckily, the famous KonMari Method makes it easy: Ask yourself if an item sparks joy, and if it doesn't, it’s time to say goodbye. In this health talk session, attendees will learn new tools for home organization—one room at a time. Psychology suggests that a positive environment improves mental health by increasing feelings of joy and self-regulation. A cleaner, clutter-free home means less stress by improving mood and our sense of control.

Effects of Sleep on Wellbeing and Productivity l Hustle culture tells us to pursue our professional goals and to do anything to be more productive. Unsurprisingly, too many of us sacrifice sleep to squeeze in a few more hours of work every day. In this health talk session, attendees will learn how sleep quality affects mental and physical health, which directly affects work performance. When we neglect good sleeping habits, our immune systems are weaker and we’re more vulnerable to mental health conditions like poor decision-making and anxiety. Participants will shift priorities to include productivity and good quality slumber.

To honor International youth day (August 12th):

Family Yoga l The family that plays together, stays healthy together. Embrace your inner child and discover yoga through your little one’s eyes. That is, with lots of wonder, laughter, and eagerness. In this fitness session, parents and children will learn yoga poses, relaxation exercises, and breathing techniques through a play-based approach. The goal is to have fun, but the bonus rewards include cultivating a calm mind, improving motor skills, increasing strength and flexibility, and enhancing concentration — all while building your family relationships. For kids 5 and up.

Teaching Kids About Money l Raising financially responsible children means helping them build healthy money habits well before they get their first job. They’ll be managing their own accounts in no time, and you can set them up for financial wellness by starting the conversation early. In this health talk session, parents will learn how to teach children about positive money habits, model successful financial behaviors, and teach them to set financial goals. We’ll review age-appropriate weekly activities to help children practice their new skills. Plus, get access to a short video you can share with your little ones to get them excited about money.

Youth Meditation l Celebrate International Youth Day by investing in one of our meditation classes, where not only your employees but also their children can participate. By introducing meditation to kids at a young age, we empower them to cultivate practices that support their overall wellbeing. These specialized classes will teach children valuable techniques to navigate stress, enhance focus, and promote emotional balance. Join us in honoring the International Day of Youth by fostering a culture of mindfulness and equipping the next generation with tools for lifelong wellbeing.

Youth Fitness l Elevate your fitness journey by enrolling in one of our invigorating fitness classes and encourage your employees to bring their children along to celebrate International Youth Day. We believe in instilling healthy habits from a young age, which is why we offer a unique opportunity for kids to join in on the fun. Our fitness classes provide a dynamic and engaging environment where participants of all ages can strengthen their bodies, boost their endurance, and enhance their overall wellbeing. Let's come together to commemorate International Youth Day while fostering a shared commitment to health and fitness for the whole family.

Looking for something different? Contact us to see how we can customize your health talk or activity.


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