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Celebrate Women's History Month With Us

We have incredible Talks and activcities to celebrate and educate your teams this March!



Enhancing Belonging & Inclusion of Women: Women are an important driver of success in any organization, as evidence suggests that gender-diverse companies are exponentially more likely to yield financial returns above industry medians. However, unconscious biases adversely affect women's sense of belonging and ability to access support at work. In this workshop, you will discuss well-researched obstacles impacting women, as well as actionable steps to override biases and create an inclusive and empowering workspace for all.

Social conditioning has led to a lack of female confidence in the workplace. Too many women refrain from sharing ideas or diminish participation for fear of contributing a thought that isn’t fully formed. This results in fewer female perspectives being heard, and fewer opportunities for women to earn the projects and promotions they deserve. This talk empowers women to step into their leadership in three ways. The first is recognizing and replacing passive language commonly used by women. Secondly, participants identify internal and external blocks holding back their voice. The final step is establishing a precise and powerful way to speak up and holding clear boundaries.

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the stressors many women face as working mothers. This talk focuses on bringing empathy and emotional intelligence into the workplace, supporting mothers to find balance between home and work.

Working mothers face challenges both in the workplace and at home. They struggle with “mom guilt” while trying to fill both of these vital roles. This talk highlights ten common challenges working mothers encounter, and provides tools for overcoming them.

It is no secret that gender inequality still exists in workplace. This talk covers some of the top barriers women face in the workplace, and discussion around addressing those inequalities.

We have collectively experienced a traumatic event in this era of the pandemic. Women are at the forefront, providing healing and restoration among families, workplaces, and communities. This talk teaches the history of women turning tragic moments to triumph through organizing, compassion, and resilience. It provides insight into the evolution of women’s movements, and how Intersectionality Theory allowed women of various marginalized identities to be recognized for their contributions to shifting women’s rights, both in and out of the workplace. This talk provides practical feedback in implementing company DEI efforts aimed at supporting and empowering women through the pandemic with resilience, and most importantly, rest.


Confident Women Vision Boards

Naming what we want and setting goals can be a challenge. Whether from societal messaging or other influences, women are made to feel selfish when they prioritize their own needs, perpetuating the belief they cannot reach for certain goals. This one-hour workshop empowers women to ask: “What is possible, what do I want to create in life?” A credentialed mindfulness expert will lead exercises to define goals, map out their achievement, and come away with greater inner confidence. Participants will need paper, pens/pencils, one magazine and glue!

Celebrate and Support Women in Your Workplace!


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