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December Holiday and Observance Sessions

'Tis the season for celebration and gratitude! At FitPros, we understand the importance of honoring your hardworking teams during the holidays. That's why we've curated wellness sessions designed to uplift and appreciate your employees. As the year ends, show your with unique wellness experiences that promote unity. Our sessions offer relaxation, mindfulness, and team-building activities for diverse preferences.

To enhance connection during the holidays:

Oh! What Fun – A Winter Holiday Themed Virtual Game: Gather your team for wintry challenges on your mobile device. Strengthen connections through picture puzzles, holiday phrase decoding, and creative photo missions—whether sketching a snowy scene or crafting imaginative drawings. No judgment, just hidden team scores until the game ends, fostering friendly competition and camaraderie. Finish the adventure with a surprise-winning team and a gallery of game photos for all to enjoy in a group web chat or at their leisure. This tech-savvy celebration is aimed at boosting team spirit and adding positivity during the holiday season!

Magic Show: Team-building activities should be fun. And what’s more fun than a magic show put on by talented magicians? In this team building session, attendees will experience a captivating virtual show with personalized audience interaction. While magic shows aren't the first thing that comes to mind when we think of team-building activities, they do tick off the right boxes. Magic shows provide mental stimulation, inspire creative thinking, and allow colleagues to share a unique, lighthearted activity. So let the magic begin!

Power of Manifesting: Manifestation, the law of attraction, karmic cycles—this mindset has many names. It takes a vision to put your goals into perspective, but first, we must start the process. In this team building session, a credentialed mindfulness expert leads participants through the important process of journaling to better define their goals. Later, this will be helpful in mapping out how to achieve them. Journaling is an effective way to help put get your thoughts and ideas out of your head and onto paper, giving us a clear direction when we may feel stuck or overwhelmed. You bring your great ideas, we send you the materials.

A Lesson in Mixology: It can't get more social than recreating and sharing custom-crafted cocktails with your teammates, even if it’s all virtual. And no pressure, you’ll get expert help in making sure your mixed drinks are tasty and presentable. In this team building session, you'll receive all the ingredients you need to make three drinks. Let your worries melt away with these refreshing drinks.

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