Lead with Love. Black Lives Matter.

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

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The Road to Allyship

How is your company facilitating equitable communication through conflict, change, and crisis? During this Diversity, Equity and Inclusion virtual panel discussion, learn how to approach difficult conversations and embrace being uncomfortable when discussing race. Gain insight from DEI experts as they share experiences and techniques for how to successfully develop a culture that promotes listening, speaking up, and taking responsibility to build teams based on trust and cooperation.

FitPros Vow to Fight for What’s Right.

Lindsay Johnson, FitPros Founder & CEO

Full transparency, it wasn’t until this past weekend, following the heinous injustice that was forced on George Floyd, that I was awakened to understand the term “white privilege.” Prior to watching the riots - from my privileged apartment in San Francisco, mind you - I was completely naive to the inequality of race in the world. I admit significant ignorance on the topic, but here and now I make a promise to myself, my higher power and anyone reading this, that I will do all things within my capabilities to spread love, equality and kindness for all.

To dismantle racism we must take action. We must recognize the intersection of the discrimination, injustice, and inequity that people of color face day in and day out. Because of my privileged position, I was able to start a company in 2016 that today engages with thousands of people around the world. This will be one of the channels I will use to educate myself, our employees, and our business partners to better understand all of our roles in making a difference.

We at FitPros are committed to equality and stand in solidarity with the Black community - our clients, partners, teachers, speakers and broader network, in the fight against racism and injustice. To take a stance and do our part the following actions have been instituted:

  • First and foremost, we are looking inward at ourselves, our team, and our company; discussing our privilege and role in the current status of America. We are committed to using our platform, programs, and audience to elevate voices and experiences of those deeply affected by the death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others. By listening first, we take our cues from those who have experienced injustice and open ourselves to learning how to be a better ally.

  • Our mission has always been to offer resources that lead people to be the best version of themselves. As a first step, FitPros is assembling a panel of DEI Experts, Wellness Personnel, Business Leaders, and Employees to discuss the realities and implications of our current state. We will be hosting a public, free webinar titled “Being a Better Ally”, a panel discussion on developing a culture based on listening, speaking up, and understanding responsibility. If you have interest to speak on this panel, collaborate on this topic, or help FitPros grow our DEI programs, please complete this Google Form.

  • This week in particular, and for many to come, we are checking in with our teachers to ask how they are doing and offer full flexibility to adjust their schedules as needed.

  • We are committed to enhancing our FitPros roster by intentionality sourcing, screening, and hiring wellness experts from communities of color and other minority groups.

  • FitPros is committed to supporting our client’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion goals by offering cultural programs and educational opportunities that meet their ever changing and diverse employee demographic needs.

On behalf of myself and FitPros, we vow to lead with love, educate with compassion, and learn with an open mind. We commit to be students for life, to educate ourselves, and learn how to be an advocate for justice and equality for marginalized communities. Embedded at its foundation and interwoven in our values, our business fights for what is right and is committed to do our part to make this world happier, healthier,and equal for all.


Lindsay Johnson

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