Understanding Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

Fostering DIVERSITY and improving INCLUSION are vital to a positive and productive working environment.

Diversity and



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Love or Fear - It's Your Choice

We can easily get stuck in an overwhelming struggle with fear, and confuse that for “I’m so busy.” If your motivation for taking action is mostly derived from a place of fear, it can lead you to live in a heightened state of stress, and eventually, burnout. A shift in perspective, from fear to love, is the most fulfilling and sustainable way to engage in life and work. Participants will learn the essential steps to reframing fear into love, helping to ignite motivation towards action.

Emotional Fluency - Permission to Feel

Instead of trying to talk ourselves out of how we feel, we must harness the courage to acknowledge and feel our uncomfortable emotions in order to deal with them appropriately. In this Health Talk, participants will learn to navigate their emotions and move through them to build their healthiest emotional selves.

Optimize Your Life & Career

Employee burnout and stress levels are on the rise. This interactive session covers the elements of becoming a coveted team member, while also nurturing an individual's most important assets: resilience, wellness, health, and happiness. Learn how to get more done and get along with others while doing it -- for happier, more productive, and more aligned teams. Participants will learn the three virtues of being an ideal team player and how to develop them both within and with others, how to grow one's work ethic and contribute more, how to become a coveted employee with propensity to grow and succeed, the six beliefs that result in "burnout" and how to avoid them, and the one practice to begin immediately to improve your life, health, and happiness.

Powerful You - Ownership and Responsibility

One must remember that they are always creating an impact, either positive or negative. In this session, participants will learn to become mindful and responsible for their impact, on oneself and on those around them.


There are so many theories on the psychology of motivation; however, it is difficult to truly pinpoint where it comes from. Why are some more motivated than others? Why is it difficult to stay motivated? How does one's behavior influence their success? How does motivation, or lack of, impact one's personal, professional, and social life? In this Health Talk, participants will gather tools to harness their own inner-cheerleader, develop strategies to modify behaviors to create balance in a fast-paced world, and learn to set meaningful goals that support a lifestyle of personal success and happiness.

Create Your Best Life - How to Manifest Your Dreams

Your Raw Materials are your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes, choices, and decisions -- these are the building blocks of one's life. Participants will learn how to adjust their Raw Materials to build their healthiest self and most satisfying life.

Safe Skin Awareness

Did you know skin cancer is the most common of all cancers? It is also the easiest to cure if diagnosed and treated early. Each year in the U.S., over 5.4 million cases of non-melanoma skin cancers are treated in more than 3.3 million people. In this Skin Safety Talk, credentialed Dermatologists will teach participants how to maximize their skin health and provide participants with the necessary precautions all individuals and their families should be taking.

Enhancing Belonging and Inclusion of Women in Your Organization

Women are the key to the success of any organization, as evidence suggests that gender diverse companies are exponentially more likely to yield financial returns above industry medians. However, unconscious biases adversely affect women's sense of belonging and ability to access support at work. In this workshop, we will discuss well-researched obstacles impacting women, as well as actionable steps to override biases and create an inclusive and empowering workspace for all.

Building Inclusive Workplace Cultures

The evidence is clear -- diverse workplaces do better. Companies often focus on getting people in the door, but an imperative component to the diversity equation is building an inclusive culture that inspires people to stay and truly feel like they belong. This session aims to provide participants with basic insights into why underrepresented groups may feel excluded in the workplace; describe the psychological implications of workplace exclusion; and identify practical, behavioral steps employees and organizations can take to foster an inclusive work environment.

Turning Exclusion into Inclusion

To begin shifting a company culture towards inclusion of anyone and everyone, it is important to define what exclusion is (some might not even know they are doing it). In this talk all employees will learn what microaggressions are and how they directly affect their colleagues. . Then employees will learn actionable steps they may take to foster inclusion such as: how to identify and live their values, how to compassionately call others out and call kindly people in, how to navigate difficult conversations and appreciate diversity for what it truly is.. Employees will leave armed with the information and tools needed to establish stronger relationships and enhance their workplace culture.

Room for Everyone

What if the shift to 50-50 with men and women is different than we think? The definition of insanity is, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. In order to create "Room for Everyone," we must stop continuously being judgmental. Getting out of judgment, and into question and possibility, will allow one to obtain personal peace and healthier relations with those around them. In this workshop you will learn how to be more present, how to have strategic awareness and how to be courageously kind. Doing so will not only empower the women in your workspace with the 'room' they need, but also help them to appreciate the gifts of their male colleagues. What if the shift to 50-50 with men and women is different than we think?

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