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Wellness Dollars: Use them before you lose them!

Employee wellness is essential to business and organizational success. Beyond medical costs, healthy employees are more productive, deliver optimal performance, have less stress, and overall better quality of life. 89% of workers at companies that support well-being initiatives are more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work and 60% of people report that benefits and perks are a major factor when considering whether to accept a job offer.

Employee wellness programs have become an important benefit to offer in the workplace. Employee wellness programs can help employees prevent and maintain their health by providing tools, resources, and strategies for healthy lifestyle behaviors. However developing and implementing a wellness program may seem like a big undertaking and investment, but did you know your insurance carrier may be able to help by offering Wellness Dollars?

What are Wellness Dollars?

Wellness dollars are the funds set aside by your insurance carrier for you to utilize in your company wellness programs. These dollars can help improve the scope of your corporate wellness initiatives and help your employees become healthier. These funds can help cover wellness events, activities, and resources, ranging from chair massage to gym memberships; wearable devices to mindfulness workshops; and fitness classes and health talks.

How Do Wellness Dollars Work and How Do I Utilize Them?

Unfortunately, many companies are unaware that they have an existing fund of wellness dollars available to them.

  1. Contact your insurance carrier to determine if Wellness Dollars are available as part of your coverage.

  2. Ask what programs qualify for wellness dollars. There may be some guidelines or restrictions on the sort of expenses that can be reimbursed.

  3. Start researching and planning your virtual or onsite wellness activities.

How To Use Your Wellness Dollars

Once you determine that Wellness Dollars are available, you can start planning your holistic wellness programs and activities. FitPros wellness programs span physical, emotional, and social experiences to improve the health and happiness of your employees. Our accredited fitness instructors and educational speakers come to you or host virtual sessions providing top-notch fitness classes, health talks, and wellness events.

Here are just a few ideas to help you get started:

LIVE streamed sessions every other day of the week (Q1 calendar here) that your employees can tune into. Here is a quick video with more details. A Wellbeing Portal is also included and this is where employees can register for the sessions, watch on-demand sessions, and more. Check out the demo portal. PW: testdrive

Onsite or Virtual Health Fair Health Fairs allow your employees to have fun and explore inspiring health, wealth, and fitness options. Whether you are planning a health fair to accompany your open enrollment or looking to offer a wellness week to your employees, let FitPros help you plan and implement a unique experience for your employees.

Health Talks Our health talks are informational presentations with a certified professional who inspires healthy living through a motivational discussion. We offer a variety of topics including mental health, diversity, and inclusion, financial wellness, nutrition, ergonomics, plus much more!

Fitness Classes Our fitness classes are easily implemented into any space and make health and wellness accessible to all. Our certified professionals are dedicated to making all attendees of their sessions happier, healthier, and in turn, more dedicated and engaged with anything and all that they do! We offer a wide range of classes from yoga and meditation to Zumba, Bootcamp, and Cardio Boxing.

Social Engagement Activities Looking for new and creative team-building ideas? It's time to put a twist on your next virtual or on-site event! Engage your staff in their personal wellbeing goals while building team camaraderie. FitPros activities are led by industry experts to engage and motivate employees while creating a culture of belonging. We offer activities for employees and their families -- cooking demonstrations, magic shows, escape rooms, wellbeing trivia, and art therapy.

Care Packages Designed to promote holistic health and team engagement, our care packages recognize your employee's dedication with thoughtfully curated gifts and healthy snacks.

Let FitPros be your one-stop shop for all of your wellness needs. Whether you are looking for onsite or virtual events, we can help you plan and implement your wellness activities for your employees! We handle all of the behind-the-scenes logistics, so all you have to do is enjoy your event!

Contact a Wellbeing Manager to learn more about our wellness services and activities, so you can plan your wellness programs today!


Email or book time to speak with a Wellbeing Manager here.

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